FEFLOW Newsletter January 2008

Dear FEFLOW user,

After the merger between WASY and the DHI group last year, we have now made one more step towards a full integration of the two organizations. At the beginning of this year, the German branch of DHI - DHI Wasser und Umwelt GmbH - has been merged with WASY, forming the new company DHI-WASY GmbH. Of course, DHI-WASY will service you in exactly the same way you are used to, and your contacts in the company will not change. The full range of products offered by DHI-WASY will be presented to the German-speaking market at the DHI-WASY conference "GIS und Modelle in der Wasserwirtschaft" on April 3 and 4, 2008 in Berlin.

You can now directly benefit from the merger: Add a MIKE 11 or MIKE SHE license to your FEFLOW license (or vice versa) for only 1,000 Euro extra in our 1+1=2 deal (conditions apply).

In the sections below, please find information about the latest patch for FEFLOW, upcoming training courses and conferences, too.

For many FEFLOW users, the 10th International Mine Water Association Congress "Mine Water and the Environment", which will be held in Karlovy Vary/Czech Republic June 2-5, 2008, may be of special interest. Please note that the deadline for abstract submission has been shifted to 31 January 2008. Modeling-related presentations are very welcome!

We all wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2008!

Best regards,
The FEFLOW team


Effective January 1st, 2008, the former DHI Wasser & Umwelt GmbH (Syke, Germany) and WASY GmbH (Berlin, Germany) have merged into DHI-WASY GmbH. A new company logo symbolizes this joining of business activities of the former WASY and the German DHI branch.

DHI-WASY will be the Centre of Excellence for groundwater modeling within the DHI group worldwide. In addition, DHI-WASY represents the DHI group in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our new, extended range of products and services will be presented during a conference in April 2008.

DHI-WASY Conference "GIS und Modelle in der Wasserwirtschaft"

At this conference for the German-speaking market, held April 3 and 4 in Berlin, DHI-WASY will present the full portfolio of products for water management. Special focus is put on showing application examples for the DHI modeling tools and ESRI's geographic information systems. For the conference program and further information, please refer to our web site.

1+1=2 Deal

Add a MIKE 11 or MIKE SHE license to your existing or new FEFLOW license or vice versa for only 1,000 Euro extra!

For example:
You own or buy a FEFLOW 5.3 FMH3 license. You can add MIKE 11 HD (250 h-points) for just 1,000 Euro extra, already including IfmMIKE11, the interface between FEFLOW and MIKE 11.
You save 5,000 Euro with this deal
(list price for MIKE 11 HD is 5,000 Euro, for IfmMIKE11 1,000 Euro).

Another one:
You own or buy a MIKE SHE Studio license. Add a FEFLOW 5.3 FMH3 Single Seat license for just 1,000 Euro extra.
You save 5,990 Euro with this deal
(list price for FEFLOW FMH3 Single Seat is 6,990 Euro).


  • Only available for current version (FEFLOW 5.3 or MIKE 2008)
  • Only products with the same or lower list price than the existing product can be added for 1,000 Euro, otherwise the total price is the differential between the list price of the existing product and the list price of the new product plus 1,000 Euro.

FEFLOW Patch 5.306

The FEFLOW installation for version 5.306 has been released. For downloading, please visit


A list of bugs fixed in version 5.306 can be found on the same website.

FEFLOW Training Courses

For the year 2008, a number of public FEFLOW training courses (introductory courses) in different countries have been scheduled (see table below). For registration, please follow the respective link for each training course.

If your needs are more specific, please do not hesitate to contact DHI-WASY for a quote on an on-site course in your company/institution!

Organizer Location Date Language
University of Ferrara Ferrara / Italy 31 March – 4 April English
esi soil & groundwater Shrewsbury / UK 15-17 April English
DHI-WASY Berlin / Germany 9-13 June German
DHI-WASY Berlin / Germany 17-21 November English

FEFLOW at Upcoming Conferences

You want to meet the FEFLOW staff personally? Visit one of the following conferences! We will be there, showing our products at an exhibition booth and/or sharing our modeling experiences in presentations.


Location Date
Groundwater Dynamics and Global Change Jaipur / India 19-22 March
MODFLOW and more Golden / USA 19-21 May
Tagung der FH-DGG Göttingen / Germany 21-25 May
Mine Water and the Environment Carlsbad / Czech Republic 2-5 June
IAHR Groundwater Symposium Istanbul / Turkey 18-20 June

New Board for Job Offers in DHI-WASY Forum

A new board has been added to our discussion forum: Job offers for FEFLOW modelers can now be posted in a separate section.

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