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FEFLOW 5.3 on Windows Vista

Although FEFLOW 5.3 is fully compatible with all varieties of the Windows Vista operating system, it has been found that the overall perfomance is lower than on Windows XP. Please see the attached pdf file for details on this lack of performance and some workaround strategies.

In general, WASY recommends the use of Windows XP instsead of Windows Vista as the operating system for running FEFLOW models.

New members of the FEFLOW support team

Recently, two new colleagues have joined the FEFLOW support team:

Wolfram Rühaak has specialized on many different aspects of modelling during his professional career as a hydrogeologist. At the institute of meteorology of the University of Leipzig he worked on the integration of surface runoff into an atmospheric model. At the Leipnitz Institute for Applied Geophysics (GGA) in Hannover he was concerned with hydrothermal problems, the development of numerical algorithms, geometrical modeling and geostatistics. He is currently finishing his PHD thesis "Multidimensional modeling of the the thermal and flow regime in the western part of the Molasse Basin, Southern Germany".

Alexander Renz has graduated from the University of Stuttgart as an environmental engineer majoring in groundwater modeling and process engineering. After working for 6 months at the mathematical institute of the University of Bergen (Norway) he wrote his dimploma thesis "Flow and Transport Processes in Absorbent Products using FEFLOW Finite Element Software" at Procter & Gamble Services GmbH in Schwalbach, Germany.

FEFLOW Patch 5.305

The FEFLOW installation for version 5.305 has been released. For downloading, please visit


A list of bugs fixed in version 5.305 can be found on the same website.

FEFLOW at conferences

IAH, Portugal

A 5-day pre-conference course for FEFLOW before the IAH meeting in Lisbon, Portugal in September was attended by about 20 participants. At our exhibition booth at the conference, Alexander Renz and Peter Schätzl had the opportunity to talk to many existing FEFLOW users, further strengthening the relationship. But also many modelers not familiar with FEFLOW yet visited us to discuss possible applications and advantages compared to other simulation software.


You can find WASY and DHI USA at our joint booth at the annual NGWA conference and groundwater EXPO in Orlando, Florida from December 4 to December 7 this year.

WASY will also present a talk "Coupled modeling of groundwater and surface water for integrated, sustainable water and flood management in polders" in the session "Ground Water Resource Evaluation and Allocation through Applied Numerical Modeling".

We will also offer a post-conference training course for FEFLOW. Please check our website for detailed information (coming soon).

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