FEFLOW Newsletter April 2007

Dear FEFLOW user,

Many of you might already have seen the news on our website:

WASY is now a member of DHI Group.

The official announcement of the merger can be found below. Regardless of the changed ownership of our company, the WASY team will also in future be your primary contact for all questions concerning FEFLOW. In countries with a local DHI office, however, you may alternatively contact them in case you prefer a contact person speaking your language. FEFLOW will still be developed and furtherly improved by our experienced development team in Berlin, of course.

For FEFLOW 5.3, a new installation (FEFLOW 5.302) has been released. We recommend to download and install the patch as some bugs in the previous version have been fixed.

You would like a personal discussion with us or you are interested in who are the persons behind FEFLOW? Meet us at one of the scientific conferences where we exhibit our products!

Last, but not least: New FEFLOW training courses have been scheduled for the second half of the year.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, for example by email to support@wasy.de!

Kind regards,
The FEFLOW team

WASY is now a member of DHI group

By signing the contract on March 16th 2007, DHI (www.dhigroup.com) has acquired all the shares of WASY GmbH, Institute for Water Resources Planning and Systems Research, Germany.

WASY GmbH is undisputedly one of the global leaders within groundwater software and information systems. WASY is the producer of state-of-the-art groundwater software products, including FEFLOW, the leading finite element groundwater modelling package in the world. With this merger, DHI is strengthening its product family, expertise and activities particular within the groundwater field worldwide and adding about 50 highly competent professionals to the staff

The technologies and services of WASY GmbH will be an integral part of DHI’s portfolio. The WASY head-office in Berlin will serve as DHI’s “Centre of Excellence” on groundwater modelling and will offer support to the local DHI offices. Furthermore, together with DHI’s existing office in Germany, DHI Wasser & Umwelt GmbH, DHI will be able to offer the full range of surface water and groundwater solutions and services in the German speaking European countries.

WASY will continue as before as a self-contained unit at its German offices, with its current staff and be headed by the current management team of Prof. Diersch, Prof. Kaden and Mr. Michels. Of course, all contractual obligations will be fulfilled.

FEFLOW Patch 5.302

The FEFLOW installation for version 5.302 has been released. For downloading, please visit


A list of bugs fixed in version 5.302 can be found on the same website.

FEFLOW Conference Calendar 2007

Date Conference Venue
May 30 - Jun 1 European Geothermal Congress (www.egc2007.de) Unterhaching, Germany
Sep 17-21 Groundwater and Ecosystems - 35th Congress of IAH (www.iah-2007.com) Lisbon, Portugal
Nov 6-9 RepoSafe - International Conference on Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations (www.reposafe.de) Braunschweig, Germany

FEFLOW Training Schedule 2007

Date Language Course title Venue
Sep 12-16 (5 days) English FEFLOW
Basics and Saltwater
Intrusion Modeling*
Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 9-12 (4 days) English 1st Australian FEFLOW Groundwater Modelling Workshop** Perth, Australia
Oct 16-19 (4 days) English 2nd Australian FEFLOW Groundwater Modelling Workshop** Brisbane, Australia
Nov 12-16 (5 days) German FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
Nov 19-23 (5 days) English FEFLOW Berlin, Germany

For details and registration, please see our training web site.

According to your wishes we can teach FEFLOW training courses in our training center in Berlin or at any other suitable location. Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

* The training course in Lisbon is organized as a pre-conference course of the 35th IAH congress. Please register via the congress website.

** The 1st and 2nd Australian Groundwater Modelling Workshops are organized by the Centre for Groundwater Studies (CGS). Please contact CGS for registration.

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