FEFLOW Newsletter July 2006

Dear FEFLOW user,

since last week WASY provides a new platform for discussing all groundwater modeling and FEFLOW-related topics with WASY staff and groundwater professionals all over the world. Join the discussion in the brand-new WASY Web Forum!

Some of us have been quite busy lately presenting FEFLOW and teaching its application all around the world. Read below about the FEFLOW Road Show USA in May/June 2006 and the FEFLOW training courses and seminars in Australia in April 2006. The latter were so successful that we agreed with the Centre For Groundwater Studies (CGS) for offering two more courses in Perth and Brisbane in October 2007.

Register now for the International FEFLOW User Conference in September to ensure your participation! Find detailed information and a preliminary schedule on feflow2006.feflow.de! If your poster or talk has been accepted for presentation, please remember to send us your full paper for publishing in the conference proceedings as soon as possible!

Our training schedule has been updated with two open courses in Berlin in November and a training course at the University of Ferrara/Italy in March 2007.

Kind regards,
The FEFLOW team

p.s.: The latest patch for FEFLOW 5.2 is version 5.207 and can be downloaded from http://www.wasy.de/en/products/feflow/download.html.

WASY Web Forum

Our WASY Web Forum is a web-based discussion platform for groundwater modeling and FEFLOW application. We hope that all of you will liven up the forum in the near future. We are looking forward to many exciting discussions. Join the forum now!

The FEFLOW team will also use the WASY Web Forum to post information about the latest developments and FEFLOW patch versions. Automatic e-mail notification on patches ensures that you keep your FEFLOW up-to-date. Introducing a 'Wish list' board, we hope to get many suggestions for additional FEFLOW functionality. User discussion allows us to better judge the demand for specific functions. making sure that we first develop the most needed tools.

The WASY Web Forum will replace our previous FEFLOW newsgroup, offering many more options with a much easier handling.

In the forum, we also provide boards for the discussion of geodata handling topics, e.g., related to the use of our software WGEO. As most of the users of WGEO are based in Germany, these boards are mainly dedicated to posts in German language. However, nobody will mind if you add your opinion or question in English.

FEFLOW around the World

Road Show USA 2006

In May and June, Peter Schätzl and Volker Clausnitzer spent three weeks promoting our flagship product in the United States.
A three-day course at the International Groundwater Modeling Center in Golden, CO introduced FEFLOW and also covered advanced topics such as density-driven flow and interface programming. Immediately afterwards, the Modflow And More conference at the Colorado School of Mines provided a platform for commercial and scientific interaction.
Our presentations illustrated the coupling of surface-water and groundwater models and the simulation of instable flow with multiple dissolved species—with 2.7M elements a first demonstration of our 64-bit FEFLOW version. The feedback was very positive, repeatedly surprise was expressed in the level of sophistication of the software. Visits with both experienced and potential FEFLOW users at URS und GeoMega completed the Colorado part of the trip.

Next stop—California. Two workshops addressed new and advanced users from various consulting firms and the nearby Lawrence Livermore National Lab. The participants considered these days as very effective and explicitly asked for more workshops of this kind in the near future. A visit with the largest modeler group within CH2MHill, in Redding, CA, concluded this second leg.

Final destination was the Washington, DC area on the East Coast. GeoTrans modelers were given a general overview of the software at their Sterling office. Advanced FEFLOW features were presented at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, where interest focused in particular on the multispecies reaction-rate capability that allows users to freely define complex chemical reaction systems. The concluding highlight of the trip was a one-day FEFLOW seminar at the U.S. Geological Survey offices in Reston, VA, hosted by Cliff Voss, the author of SUTRA. We want to again thank Cliff and his team who provided an opportunity for exchanging ideas in a great atmosphere of friendly, open-spirited cooperation!

Training Courses Australia 2006 & 2007

In April 2006, WASY provided the first-ever FEFLOW training in Australia. A course in Perth that had been organized by URS was attended both by URS modelers and employees of government agencies in Perth and Alice Springs. A second, advanced, course was taught by our trainer Peter Schätzl upon request by Golder Associates in Melbourne. Both events succeeded in making the participants more efficient FEFLOW users. Especially the direct transfer of knowledge and the personal contact between WASY staff and the FEFLOW users were considered as helpful.

In addition to the training courses, Peter Schätzl gave a seminar at Flinders University in Adelaide, presenting FEFLOW basic capabilities and advanced practical application examples. The seminar was organized by the Centre for Groundwater Studies (CGS) and attended by around 25 modelers working in research, government agencies and consulting firms. After the seminar, everybody had the opportunity to exchange experiences and further discuss modeling topics at a reception with cool beer and snacks.

Looking at the very positive feedback on both the training courses and the seminar, we decided to offer two more training courses in Australia. The courses will probably take place in October 2007 in Perth and Brisbane and will be organized by CGS.

FEFLOW Training Schedule

Date Language Course title Venue
Post-conference courses at the International FEFLOW User Conference:
  September 14-15, 2006 English FEFLOW Basic Berlin, Germany
  September 14, 2006 English Density-dependent modeling in FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
  September 14, 2006 English PEST in FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
  September 15, 2006 English Modeling unsaturated conditions in FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
  September 15, 2006 English IFM Programming Berlin, Germany
November 2006
November 6-10, 2006 English PEST* Freising, Germany
November 13-17, 2006 English FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
November 20-24, 2006 German FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
March 2007 (5 days) English FEFLOW** Ferrara, Italy
October 2007 (4 days) English 1st Australian FEFLOW Groundwater Modelling Workshop*** Perth, Australia
October 2007 (4 days) English 1st Australian FEFLOW Groundwater Modelling Workshop*** Brisbane, Australia

For details and registration, please see our training web site.

According to your wishes we can teach FEFLOW training courses in our training center in Berlin or at any other suitable location. Please contact our sales team for a quotation.

* The PEST course is jointly organized by Waterloo Hydrogeologic, WASY, Watermark Numerical Computing and Ili-Gis Services. To register, please contact Waterloo Hydrogeologic.

** The training course in Ferrara is organized in collaboration with the University of Ferrara, Earth Science Department. The exact date will be specified. Please see our training web site for details and pre-registration.

*** The 1st Australian Groundwater Modelling Workshops are organized by the Centre for Groundwater Studies (CGS).

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