FEFLOW Newsletter April 2006

Dear FEFLOW user,

Again we would like to invite you to participate in the International FEFLOW User Conference in September. For the preliminary schedule, registration and details, please see below. Submission of abstracts for poster presentation is still possible (until May 31, 2006).

Please note that due to spatial contraints the number of participants is limited. Register now to ensure your participation.

In May/June 2006 we will present FEFLOW to a broader public in the U.S., offering training courses and presentations. For details and registration, please see the 'Road Show' section below.

Last, but not least, new patches for both release and debug versions of FEFLOW 5.2 have been released.

Best regards,

The FEFLOW team

Advanced FEM Groundwater Modeling
International FEFLOW User Conference

September 10-15, 2006
Berlin, Germany

2nd Circular (*.pdf)

Preliminary Schedule

Sunday, September 10, 2006
FEFLOW international reseller meeting


Monday, September 11, 2006

08:00 am


09:30 am

10:00 am
W. Kinzelbach
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Keynote lecture:
Modelling for sustainable water resources management
10:40 am   Coffe break and exhibition
Groundwater management
11:00 am
K. Vivier, A. Wiethoff
Africa Geo-Environmental Services, South Africa
Development of a regional groundwater flow management model for the Far East Rand sub-basin in the Witwatersrand Gold Basin in South Africa
11:20 am
A. Sarwar
University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
Combining FEFLOW and water balance models to simulate groundwater levels in the Indus basin of Pakistan
11:40 am
A. Ashraf, Z. Ahmad
National Agricultural Research Center, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
Integrated use of GIS, remote sensing and groundwater modelling through FEFLOW to study the aquifer behavior of Upper Chaj Doab of Indus basin, Pakistan
J.-R. García-Rodriguez,
M. Schöniger
Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
Integrated groundwater management for urban watershed Lagunera-Region, Northern Mexico
Lunch break and exhibition
01:40 pm
H.-J. G. Diersch
WASY GmbH, Germany
Keynote lecture:
Achievements and perspectives for FEFLOW
Remediation and radionuclide transport
02:10 pm
D. Etcheverry, Y. Rossier
BG Consulting Engineers, France
Numerical simulation of groundwater remediation systems using FEFLOW
02:30 pm
A. Del Frate, E. Lombardo, N. Nosari, V. Pastore, P. Gardini
Studio Geotecnico Italiano S.r.l., Caffaro S.r.l., Italy
Modelling of ground water flow as support to remediation strategy at polluted sites: the case of Torviscosa (Italy)
02:50 pm
R. Petrosius, J. Mazeika
Institute of Geology and Geography, Lithuania
Radionuclide transport evaluation in the site of a near-surface repository for L&ILW in Lithuania using FEFLOW
03:10 pm
C. Fahrenholz, M. Schöniger, E. Fein, W. Brewitz
GRS, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
Hydrogeological groundwater models for site exploration and selection for underground repositories in crystalline rock
03:30 pm
Coffee break and exhibition
03:50 pm
S. Kaden, I. Michels
WASY GmbH, Germany
Keynote lecture:
Groundwater modeling and GIS at WASY – an overview and outlook
Visualization and data management
04:20 pm
V. Clausnitzer
WASY GmbH, Germany
Advances in dynamic spatial visualization
04:40 pm
C. Braun, R. Kahnt, T. Metschies, M. Probst
BCE GmbH, Wismut GmbH, G.E.O.S. Freiberg Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Germany
A conceptual approach to a mesh independent data management for complex groundwater flow and transport modelling
05:00 pm
L. Calmbach, B. Lee, R. Maric, A. Merry, S. Xu, M. Yeh, R. Zapata
Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc., Canada
Waterloo region groundwater model supported with 3D geological mapping
05:20 pm
S. Fachmann, V. Jungk
ARCADIS Consult GmbH, Germany
3D – visualisation of large data amounts in the treatment of contaminated areas – basis of a successful modelling
05:40 pm
Poster session / Icebreaker party
07:30 pm
End of day 1


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

09:00 am

E. O. Frind
Waterloo University, Canada
Keynote lecture:
Using FEFLOW in the assessment of well vulnerability for complex multiaquifer systems
Complex and large-scale models
09:40 am
P. J. Martin, D.G. Abbey,
D. Van Vliet
AquaResource Inc., Canada
Simulating groundwater flow in a complex setting: The Santa Susana field laboratory model
10:00 am
O. Douez, A. Dupuy, O. Atteia,
M. Franceschi
Universtiy of Bordeaux, France
Assessment of deep aquifer complexity by long period numerical path lines
10:20 am
R. Funke
Fraunhofer Institute for Information and Data Processing Karlsruhe, Germany
Procedures for modelling large coherent regional groundwater aquifers with FEFLOW
10:40 am
Coffee break and exhibition
Coupled simulations
11:00 am
B. Monninkhoff, K. Kernbach
WASY GmbH, Germany
Coupled surface water – groundwater modeling for planning of flood retention in the Lower Havel area
11:20 am
A. Koch, G. Meon
IWUD GmbH, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
Combined simulation of 2D-surface water and 3D-groundwater problems using the FEFLOW Interface Manager
11:40 am
C. Czerner, M. Quent, M. Schöniger, M. Krebs
Lüneburg University, Wasser- und Schiffahrtsamt Emden, Germany
Simulation of interaction between groundwater and surface water in a tidal estuary Untere Ems (Northwest Germany)
T. Pfützenreuter
Anwendungszentrum Systemtechnik Ilmenau, Germany
Coupling two worlds – combined simulation with FEFLOW and SIMULINK
Lunch break and exhibition
01:40 pm
K. Stüben
Fraunhofer SCAI, St. Augustin, Germany
Keynote lecture:
Scalable solution of large linear systems on serial and parallel computers
Software solutions for large-scale modeling
02:20 pm
R. Gründler
WASY GmbH, Germany
Large scale models and parallel computing with FEFLOW
02:40 pm
F. Thilo, U. Junghans, M. Grauer,
S. Kaden, O. Arndt
Siegen University, WASY GmbH, Germany
Applying parallel computing to support the groundwater modeling workflow and enable optimization of complex groundwater problems
03:00 pm
P. J. Martin, C. S. Gabriel,
D. G. Abbey
AquaResource Inc., Canada
IFM tool development to streamline data management for large-scale models
03:20 pm
Coffee break and exhibition
Heat transport simulation
03:40 pm
L. Vos
Fugro Ingenieursbureau BV, Netherlands
Using FEFLOW for energy storage in aquifers
04:00 pm
P. Porras
Technical University Munich, Germany
Seepage and heat transport simulations for the further development of a monitoring system for earthen structures
04:20 pm
H. De Beer
Geological Survey of Norway, Norway
A transient method for measuring thermal properties of rocks - a heat flow model to support laboratory experiments
04:40 pm
D. Gehrke, M.-Th. Schafmeister,
G. Blöcher, G. Zimmermann
Greifswald University, GFZ Potsdam, Germany
Efficiency of hydro-fractures: Thermo-hydraulic 3D model of the geothermal reservoir of Groß Schönebeck / North East German Basin
05:00 pm
07:00 pm
Conference dinner


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

09:00 am

F. Cornaton
University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
Keynote lecture:
Methodologies for the simulation of travel time distributions and practical applications
Density-dependent modeling
09:40 am
F. Magri, U. Bayer
GFZ Potsdam, Germany
Modelling of large-scale density driven flow by example of the North East German Basin
10:00 am
L. Alberti, V. Franacani, I. La Licata
Milano University, Italy
Hydrogeologic parameters and human activities influence on sea water intrusion at a refinery site
10:20 am
C. I. Zahariadi, M. P. Papadopoulou, G. P. Karatzas
University of Crete, Greece
Density-dependent modelling in a karstified coastal aquifer of Crete using FEFLOW 5.2
10:40 am
C. Cherubini, I. Dima, C. Giasi
Polytecnic of Bari, Italy
Modeling methodologies for the groundwater remediation in a coastal fractured and karstic aquifer
11:00 am
Coffee break and exhibition
Applications and developments
11:20 am
J. Luo
WASY GmbH, Germany
Groundwater modeling for groundwater protection planning of the planned Airport Berlin-Schönefeld International
11:40 am
T. El-Fahem, B. Reichert
Bonn University, Germany
A catchment scale 3D FE groundwater model for the Upper Ouémé (Benin/West Africa) - conceptualisation and scenario integration
S. Sieniutycz
Warsaw University, Poland
Nonlinear variational analysis of groundwater flows in Inhomogeneous porous systems
O. Jaquet, G. Massonnat, P. Siegel,
R. Namar, E. Pernarcic
Colenco, Switzerland; Total, France
Stochastic modelling of karstic aquifers: Towards realistic characterisation of extreme heterogeneity
Lunch break and exhibition
02:00 pm
Software presentation and workshops

FEFLOW training courses are offered on Thursday, September 14, and Friday, September 15.

Visit feflow2006.feflow.de for updated information and details.

FEFLOW Road Show USA 2006

We will start our road show with a 3-days pre conference training course for FEFLOW at the "MODFLOW and More" conference in Golden/CO, where we will also participate in the exhibition. In Half Moon Bay/CA we offer two FEFLOW short courses featuring both basic information about FEFLOW and more complex modeling topics such as density-driven or unsaturated flow modeling. At the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Reston/VA a one-day short course will be held, focusing on internal concepts and latest advances in finite element modeling.

All along our way we also offer to give free presentations in consulting companies, government agencies and universities, so that it is possible to obtain basic information about FEFLOW directly from the developers.

In case of interest, please have a look at our training web page or contact us at support@wasy.de!

FEFLOW patches

Since our last newsletter some minor bugs have been detected in FEFLOW 5.2. Please download the latest patch FEFLOW 5.206 from our FEFLOW download page.
IFM developers find an updated debug version of FEFLOW (5.206d) on the same web page.

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International FEFLOW User Conference
September 10-15, 2006

FEFLOW Road Show
USA 2006

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