FEFLOW Newsletter October 2005

Dear FEFLOW user,

WASY would like to invite you to the International FEFLOW User Conference next year in Berlin, Germany. Share your FEFLOW experiences with other users! Abstracts for oral or poster presentations may be submitted until December 1st, 2005.

Ordering FEFLOW and other WASY products is now easier than ever: In our new WASY Web Shop many of our software products can be purchased, paying conveniently by credit card. Also using the 'classic' way of written order to our sales team, credit card payment is now possible (please provide your credit card details with your order in case you want to take advantage of that option).

Last, but not least, our FEFLOW training schedule has been updated and a new patch for FEFLOW 5.2 has been released.

Best regards,

The FEFLOW team

Advanced FEM Groundwater Modeling
International FEFLOW User Conference

September 10-15, 2006
Berlin, Germany

1st Circular (*.pdf)

Conference Topics

Topic 1: Recent Developments in Finite Element Groundwater Modeling

FEM, Fast Solvers, Mesh Generation, Parallel Computing, Nonlinear Problems

Topic 2: Software Technology

Interfaces, GIS, 3D Graphics

Topic 3: Applications

Large Models, Model Coupling, Calibration and Parameter Estimation, Reactive Multi-Species Transport, Heat Transport, Reliability of Modeling, New Fields

Call for Papers

Abstracts may be submitted to the Organizing Committee before December 1st, 2005. Please email your abstract (up to 300 words) in Microsoft Word format to feflow2006@wasy.de, including information about author(s), organization(s), email address(es) and whether oral or poster presentation is preferred.

Prizes (e.g., free FEFLOW licenses) will be awarded to the authors of the best oral and poster presentations!

Scientific Advisory Committee

Prof. H.-J. G. Diersch, WASY Berlin, Germany
Prof. S. O. Kaden, WASY Berlin, Germany
Prof. W. Kinzelbach, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. E. O. Frind, University of Waterloo, Canada
Prof. P. Perrochet,
Neuchatel University, Switzerland
Prof. M. Schöniger,
Braunschweig University / Lüneburg University, Germany
Dr. K. Stüben, SCAI Fraunhofer Institute, St. Augustin, Germany

Organizing Committee

I. Michels, WASY Berlin
K.-H. Pöschke, WASY Berlin
P. Schätzl, WASY Berlin
H.-P. Barkenthien, IWU, Magdeburg

Visit feflow2006.feflow.de for updated information and details.

WASY Web Shop


www.wasyshop.com or www.feflowshop.com or www.wgeoshop.com

to conveniently purchase WASY software via internet. Payment can be done using your credit card (VISA, MasterCard or EuroCard). The shop is available in English and German language.

We currently offer our products FEFLOW, WGEO, GeoDAta eXchange and HQ-Ex and selected books and conference proceedings. All other WASY products can easily be ordered by contacting our sales team.

Please note that academic and research discounts cannot be offered via the WASY Web Shop as WASY has to check in advance if your organization qualifies for a discount. Contact our sales team for obtaining discounted versions of our software.

Credit card payment is now also possible for all written orders and for our training courses. Please provide your credit card details with your order if you want to take advantage of that option.

FEFLOW training schedule

Date Language Course title Venue
October 24-28, 2005 German FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
November 7-11, 2005 English FEFLOW Berlin, Germany
May 19-21, 2006 English Finite Element Ground Water Modeling using FEFLOW

Golden, CO, USA
(MODFLOW and more 2006 conference)

For details and registration, please see our training web site.
To register for the pre-conference course in Golden, please visit the respective conference web page at http://typhoon.mines.edu.

FEFLOW patch

Some minor bugs have been detected in FEFLOW 5.2 since our last newsletter. All known bugs have been fixed in patch 5.203. The patch can be downloaded from the FEFLOW download page.On that web page a list of the fixed bugs is available, too.

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International FEFLOW User Conference
September 10-15, 2006

WASY Web Shop

Training Schedule