FEFLOW Newsletter July 2004

Dear FEFLOW client,

here are the latest news on FEFLOW, its further development and the upcoming training courses and conferences:

FEFLOW patches

FEFLOW 5.1 is on the market for some months now. During that time a number of minor bugs have been detected, both by our clients and by the WASY consulting staff. All the bugs have been fixed within a very short time frame. So you're always able to work with an up-to-date release. Download the latest patch (currently 5.106) from our website:


First results of the further development of FEFLOW have been shown at our German user conference in Cologne in June.
A completely new OpenGL-based viewer (Windows only) can be used to visualize model properties and results in 3D, including also the export of video files and images.
Furthermore, FEFLOW is enabled to handle multi-component transport allowing complex reactions between the different species. An option for transient particle tracking is also being developed.
The beta testing phase for these new features will start in fall.
Clients with a valid maintenance contract can apply for beta testing on our website now.

Training courses

In the second part of 2004 the following training courses will take place:

  • FEFLOW Beginner (German): 15 - 19 November
  • FEFLOW Beginner (English): 22 - 26 November
  • FEFLOW Advanced (German or English on demand): 27 - 29 September
  • FEFLOW short course (English): 17 September at the FEM_MODFLOW conference in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic)

For details and pricing, see http://www.wasy.de/english/service/schulung.html.

WASY at the FEM_MODFLOW conference

From 13 through 16 September 2004 experts of groundwater modeling will come together in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) to exchange experiences and present projects. WASY is one of the main sponsors of the conference. We will give oral and poster presentations.

On 17th of September 2004 we offer a one-day course: "Introduction to FEM groundwater modelling with FEFLOW".

For information about the conference see
For details about our post-conference course see the flyer.

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