FEFLOW Newsletter July 2003

Dear FEFLOW client,

since the last FEFLOW newsletter in March new patches for FEFLOW have been released and new dates for training courses have been fixed.

Please see the sections below for details.

The FEFLOW team wishes you a nice summertime!

New patch for FEFLOW 5.0 released (5.010)

Since our last newsletter, some minor bugs in FEFLOW have been detected. All known bugs have been fixed in the latest patch version FEFLOW 5.010.

For details and free download see the FEFLOW download page!

FEFLOW training courses

The next training courses for FEFLOW will take place in our headquarters in Berlin.

A course in English language is offered from 13 October 2003 to 17 October 2003.
A course in German language will take place from 15 September 2003 to 19 September 2003.

For details and registration see our web pages.

We also offer to send a trainer to your company/institution. Please contact our sales team!

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