FEFLOW Newsletter March 2003

Dear FEFLOW client,

here's a new issue of the FEFLOW newsletter. Since our last newsletter in September 2002 nearly half a year has passed.
So there are some interesting news to tell you:

New patch for FEFLOW 5.0 released (5.008)

Since our last newsletter, some minor bugs in FEFLOW have been detected. All known bugs have been fixed in the latest patch version FEFLOW 5.008. Additionally some extensions in the functionality have been made, e.g., concerning the export formats for point data and the export of 3D pathlines.

For details and free download see the FEFLOW download page!

Special winter conditions for FEFLOW updates

Till the end of winter time we offer a discount of 20 % for all FEFLOW updates.

You'll get still more discount if you close a maintenance contract together with the update. A maintenance contract makes our hotline service available for you. You'll receive all new releases automatically and without further update costs.

Please contact our sales team for the special conditions or ask for a personal offer.

The special conditions are valid till 31 March 2003.

FEFLOW training courses

The next training courses for FEFLOW will take place in our headquarters in Berlin.

A course in English language is offered from 5 May 2003 to 9 May 2003.
A course in German language will take place from 12 May 2003 to 16 May 2003.

For details and registration see our web pages.

We also offer to send a trainer to your company/institution. Please contact our sales team!

New web page for Interface manager (IFM) modules and import/export filters

On the FEFLOW web pages you find a new page containing a list of currently available IFM modules and import/export filters for FEFLOW, so that all of you will be able to use the yet developed modules and filters.

As probably most of the existing IFM modules and filters have been designed by our clients, we also want to add their modules/filters to encourage an exchange of code between the FEFLOW users. We do not publish the modules temselves or the source code, but we provide some basic information and the email address of the developer.

So if you have developed any IFM modules or import/export filters for FEFLOW which could be interesting for other users, and if you want to share the module either for free or for a license fee, please send us a short reference containing the following information:

  • for IFM modules
    • name of the module
    • purpose of the module
    • special remarks
    • the email address of a contact person
  • for filters:
    • SMH or FEM filter
    • import and/or export filter
    • file format to read and/or write
    • source and/or destination software to deal with the files
    • the email address of a contact person

For details have a look at the IFM modules and import/export filters web page!

IFM training course

We plan to offer an IFM training course of about 3 days in our headquarters in Berlin. If you are interested in taking part, please send an email to our sales team! We'll fix the date and course contents according to the needs of the participants then.

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