FEFLOW Newsletter September 2002

Dear FEFLOW client,

here's a new issue of the FEFLOW newsletter on the occasion of the release of the first patches for FEFLOW 5.0 and the licence manager NetLM.

The following topics will be covered:

Patches for FEFLOW 5.0 and NetLM released

Generally release 5.0 of FEFLOW has ones more shown FEFLOW's status as a very stable and sophisticated tool for groundwater modeling. However, some minor bugs have been reported by clients or detected at WASY. Therefore two patches for FEFLOW 5.0 and the license manager NetLM coming with FEFLOW 5.0 have been released. All known bugs of the programs have been fixed.

For details and download see the FEFLOW download page!

FEFLOW and IFM training course in Berlin

From 25 through 29 November 2002 we offer a FEFLOW training course in English language. The training will be held in our headquarters in Berlin.

The main topics of the course will be:

  • Short introduction to groundwater modeling
  • Building up a consistent database for a groundwater model using GIS
  • Creating a supermesh and a finite element mesh
  • Assigning initial conditions, boundary conditions and material properties for flow and contaminant transport using the different input possibilities in FEFLOW for time-constant as well as time-varying data
  • Running a flow and/or contaminant transport simulation
  • Postprocessing in FEFLOW
  • Exporting results data for further processing and map creation

The last day of the course can be booked seperately, too. It deals with the FEFLOW interface manager IFM:

  • Extending the capabilities of FEFLOW using the Interface Manager IFM to couple own program code and external software to FEFLOW

The course fee is 1624 € for the entire training (5 days) and 348 € for the IFM course (1 day).

Please fill in the registration form to register for the training.

FEFLOW pre-conference course and WASY stand at the IAH/AHLSUD congress

On the occasion of the XXXII. IAH and VI. AHLSUD congress in Mar del Plata/Argentina WASY offers a pre-conference course for groundwater modeling. The training takes place at 18/19 October 2002. The course will be held in English and Spanish language. Have a look at the detailed description on our web pages!

During the conference from 21 through 25 October 2002 we will be aboard with a stand in front of the conference rooms. We are pleased to be able to inform you on FEFLOW, to receive your feedback on the program and to chat about your modeling approaches and possible problems personally. We are looking forward to see you in Mar del Plata!

5. Congress 'Visual Groundwater Modeling'

The 5. WASY congress 'Visual Groundwater Modeling' (held in German language) will take place at 13 and 14 November 2002 in Berlin.

Have a look at the detailed program!

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