FEFLOW Newsletter June 2002

Dear FEFLOW client,

on the occasion of the release of FEFLOW 5.0 we present you the 1st issue of the FEFLOW Newsletter. It will inform you on FEFLOW events such as new releases or important patches about four times a year.

If your FEFLOW license is under maintenance, you have received your personal copy of FEFLOW 5.0 automatically together with a complete set of manuals or you will it receive soon. Otherwise we offer you special update conditions for your license. Please contact our sales team for detailed information!

The most important of the new features in FEFLOW 5.0 are:

Please have a look at the updated FEFLOW web site, too.

WGEO for free!

To all FEFLOW clients with a valid maintenance contract we offer special conditions for our georeferencing and geoimaging software WGEO 3.0a. WGEO provides many more features than the FEMAP tool integrated in FEFLOW.
FEFLOW 3D users get their WGEO basic keycode for free, FEFLOW 2D users are offered a discount of 50 % and buy WGEO basic for 175 €. For the WGEO plus license we also offer a discount of 50 % (400 €).
For detailed conditions and ordering see the credit note in your FEFLOW package!

5. Congress 'Visual Groundwater Modeling'

WASY invites you to the 5. Congress 'Visual Groundwater Modeling' at 9. /10. September 2002 in Berlin-Adlershof. The main focus will be the presentation of FEFLOW 5.0 and the coupling of surface water modeling and groundwater modeling. The congress schedule will be published on our web pages in July.
If you want to present your work at the congress in a 20-minute speech, please send a summary to mail@wasy.de.
The congress will be held in German language.

To unsubscribe the FEFLOW Newsletter or to subscribe for additional email addresses please send an email to newsletter@wasy.de with the subject 'unsubscribe' or 'subscribe'.

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