The model library and how to customise it

This one-day advanced WEST training provides you with a good understanding of the WEST Model Library. You will learn how to customise it by adding your own models.

WWTP modelling is essential for scientists and practitioners who deal withexploring design alternatives, optimising plant operations (e.g. to improve performance and reduce cost), implementing control strategies, etc. WWTP modelling is also an ideal learning tool that may be used (e.g. by plant operators) to investigate the complex process dynamics and interactions that characterise a
modern WWTP.

WEST is an extremely user-friendly software tool that combines advanced modelling features such as objective evaluation and uncertainty analysis with extraordinary performance, full flexibility and openness.


  • Introduction to the WEST Model Library structure
  • Overview of the MSL programming language
  • The WEST Model Editor
    • Use of the Code Editor to add new models
      • Hands-on exercises: Controller; Storm tank; Data manipulation
    • Use of the Gujer Matrix Editor to add new model categories
      • Hands-on exercises: Toxicity effect
  • The WEST Block Editor
    • Add a new icon to the Icon Library


Modellers, researchers and professionals involved in WWTP optimisation.
Participants should be familiar with the activated sludge modelling (ASM) concept and design/operation of WWTP either through experience or through following the course 'WEST - Introduction to modelling of wastewater treatment plants' prior to the course.

Upcoming Courses

19-20 Oct
2 days
WEST This two-day hands-on advanced training course provides you with an overview of the multitude of integration and automation options that are available in relation to the WEST software. Italy

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