Integration and automation

This two-day hands-on advanced training course provides you with an overview of the multitude of integration and automation options that are available in relation to the WEST software. 

WEST was built around the “model once, run anywhere” principle, which means that models and experiments that have been created with WEST can be run as-is within a host of software environments, through one of several application programming interfaces available. Typical applications include custom training dashboards built on top of the WEST engine, Model Predictive Control (MPC) setups where WEST models become part of advanced control loops, and automated execution systems that allow for running large numbers of simulations.

Next to the integration of the WEST engine in custom applications (through the WESTforAUTOMATION product), it is also possible to extend the functionality of the WEST desktop application itself through extension modules. Also the latter aspect of integration and automation is touched upon in the course.


  • Introduction to the main architectural concepts of the WEST engine
  • Overview of the WEST .NET API
  • Overview of the WEST COM API
  • How to use the WEST MEX executor for MATLAB
  • How to use the WEST command-line executor
  • How to develop custom applications on top of the WEST engine
  • How to develop custom extension modules for use within the WEST desktop application


The course is intended for anyone interested in taking models and experiments developed in WEST one step further, and is therefore not strictly limited to automation engineers.
In contrast to other WEST courses, no in-depth WWTP / IUWS domain expertise is required. However, familiarity with the WEST software in general, and some affinity with software development concepts, is required.

Most examples shown during the course use the C# or (Iron)Python programming language. Familiarity with either of these languages is therefore an asset, although it is not strictly necessary.

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