Optimisation of wastewater treatment plants

Improving existing wastewater treatment systems

Optimising or upgrading existing treatment facilities require models that are accurate representations of the actual systems. This poses the challenges of correctly setting up the model and evaluating a variety of operational strategies, including more or less advanced control algorithms, and of appropriate constructive alternatives. Often, actual measurements on the influent and effluent streams and of key process indicators are available.

The best possible solution, in terms of plant performance, can be identified based on a combination of process and environmental criteria, such as effluent quality and energy consumption. Furthermore, you are probably also faced with the task of evaluating strategies to accommodate for periodic downtime due to maintenance, for expected growth in population, or for the variation of the influent stream, such as new sources to discharge to the treatment plant.

Our WESTforOPTIMIZATION product is the obvious choice for these types of challenges, as it offers all the sophisticated mathematical tools required to conduct model calibrations, sensitivity analyses, parameter estimations, process optimisations, objective minimisations, scenario analyses and uncertainty analyses.

As a WEST user, you can also access the model and icon libraries. This allows you to view the details of each model, modify the existing models or add completely new models - either using a Gujer Matrix editor or a conventional code editor.


  • Advanced simulation tools for semi-automatic model calibration and process optimisation
  • Drag-drop to easily set up every simulation
  • Several options to explore the parameter space
  • Auto-generation of complex statistical outputs, including plots
  • Full access to an extensive model library
  • Highly user-friendly editors to assist in model implementation