Integrated urban water systems

Running complex, integrated models on one software platform

Efficient design and operation of wastewater systems, according to environmental quality objectives, require use of a single integrated model of the entire system. 

This is possible with our WESTforOPTIMIZATION product. The possibility to set up complex, integrated models on one software platform enables you to run advanced simulations, such as global sensitivity analyses and uncertainty analyses. It also allows you to run long-term simulations, which are computationally intensive, within a reasonable time frame compared to detailed hydraulic models.


  • Dedicated extensive library for catchment, sewer and river models
  • Advanced simulation tools for semi-automatic model calibration and process optimisation
  • Possibility to run long-term, dynamic simulations of very complex systems, with real-time control in a short period of time
  • Graphical features in the user interface, such as overview, zoom and layers, which greatly simplify working with complex, integrated systems
  • Coupled modelling for easy application with complex, integrated models/layouts