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River Networks

Reinvent the way you model rivers

Analyse river flows, assess hydrological changes, and estimate pollution transport to mitigate disasters and improve water quality.

Robust river modelling capabilities

Investigate river hydraulics, water quality and floods while forecasting extreme events and assessing catchment changes in one versatile modelling platform.

Rely on MIKE+ for your river modelling needs

MIKE 21 FM / Classic, MIKE HYDRO River, MIKE 11, and MIKE FLOOD users can benefit from the world of MIKE+ in just one click. Import your river models directly into MIKE+ for access to a more intuitive user interface, seamless workflows and advanced model management.

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Run dynamic river network models and share results

Simulate the flow of natural rivers, channels and canals with the MIKE 1D River module. Easily define cross sections, river branches and bed roughness, then model your weirs and culverts to get the complete picture of your waterways.

It’s the only tool you’ll need for:

  • River engineering and flood control
  • Water resource and watershed management
  • Wetland management and restoration

Rapidly simulate river-related issues

Couple our 2D Overland module with the MIKE1D River module to analyse complex flooding issues such as:

  • Transport problems due to improper vegetation maintenance
  • Limited upstream flood storage capacity
  • Crossing infrastructure that reduces flow capacity in rivers and floodplains
  • Flood risks, levee breach failures and climate change

Connect collection systems and calculate catchment runoff

Efficiently model the relationships between rivers and your collection system on one integrated geometric network. Plus, seamlessly connect rivers and pipe networks too.

Calibration of models can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The Automatic Calibration module allows users to find the best values for RR parameters

Easily code and plugin your own rainfall-runoff model in MIKE+, using the power of MIKE1D and DHI’s library of open source models for inspiration.

Dynamically couple your river network with a 3D surface flow model

Accurately representing the stratification and flow patterns arising from rivers discharging into the sea is crucial to analyse pollution dispersion, sedimentation and vertical mixing. Modelling the complex dispersion of pollutant from rivers into the sea, estuaries or stratified lakes has never been easier.

Using MIKE 3 FM with MIKE+, you can dynamically couple your river model with 3D surface flow calculations to:

  • Accurately represent river flow into stratified water bodies
  • Improve your sediment transport simulation in estuaries
  • Model the propagation of pollutants in coastal environments

Create high-quality models in less time with built-in QA support

Having a model not run or perform as expected can be a frustrating experience.

That’s why we developed the Network Analysis tool.

It analyses the quality of the MIKE 1D river network and proposes improvements and recommendations to avoid instabilities. Essentially it makes small, but impactful mistakes visible before you take your model further. So instead of contacting Support, you have the insight required to fix model errors yourself and move on.

Better understand infiltration, rising groundwater, and interaction with rivers

Have a complex study that requires integrated modelling? Go beyond river modelling by coupling MIKE+ Rivers with FEFLOW or MIKE SHE.

For example, you can consider the interaction with groundwater by coupling MIKE+ Rivers with FEFLOW. Or step back and consider the wider watershed and hydrological cycle in your catchment by connecting MIKE+ Rivers with MIKE SHE.

Boost your river management and restoration efforts

Rely on the advanced new features in the Sediment Transport module to make confident decisions for sustainable river management and restoration.

The module predicts sediment dynamics in river systems and considers factors like sediment size, flow velocity, and channel bed slope to model a wide range of sediment transport processes. This enables you to:

  • Accurately simulate sediment movement, deposition, and erosion
  • Assess the impact on river morphology, water quality, and aquatic habitats
  • Gain insight into the complex interplay between sediment and river ecosystems
  • Make informed decisions that enhance the health and sustainability of river systems.
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Additional capabilities & unique features

Explore the influence of snowmelt and irrigation through elevation zones, while enhancing your comprehension of river dynamics and precipitation patterns.

Gain greater control over your catchment modelling process by defining multiple types of land uses within each catchment and customising loss/infiltration settings.

Introducing one of our latest features for enhanced results with a natural, precise, and gradual intensity distribution. With spatial rainfall intensity interpolation from rain gauges, you’ll enjoy smoother, more realistic outcomes.

Elevate your river modeling with the integration of external DEM cross sections in MIKE+ Rivers. This feature simplifies the process, allowing you to visualise topographical changes along the river and ensure the accuracy of your model.

Enhance river modeling precision by adding markers at intersections with external shape file polylines. Streamline cross-section editing and roughness property customization with map-drawn lines in any GIS software. Save these lines as shape files for pinpointing riverbank locations and applying specific roughness properties to riverbed and floodplain.

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Optimise the data-driven infrastructure planning process in MIKE+ (MIKE1D, SWMM and EPANET) with this cloud-based solution. Evaluate cost, hydraulic performance, energy, water quality and carbon footprint across thousands of assets.

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