Urban - River - Flooding

The integrated water modelling platform

Develop comprehensive plans, optimise systems’ performance, and so much more with MIKE+’s integrated and customisable water modelling capabilities.

Expect more from a water modelling platform

Integrate, model and manage your water systems, including water distribution networks, collection systems, rivers, and flooding on one platform. With MIKE+, you can make comprehensive analyses of your waterways. Best yet, you’ll have the latest analytical methods and data at your fingertips.
Apply the power of MIKE+ to your water systems

Model Manager

The core of the MIKE+ user interface

Rely on this universal application for model management, configuration and results presentation. With its smart layout and intuitive workflows, you’ll be modelling water distribution networks, collection systems, rivers and flooding in no time.

Water Distribution

Dynamic water distribution modelling

Perform hydraulic and water quality modelling, gain control of pumps and valves and reduce leaks. Plan network sectioning, analyse fire flows and trace multiple sources.

Collection Systems

Powerful decision support

Model and analyse the hydrology and hydraulics of your collection system. Design real-time controls, assess resilient solutions and manage both stormwater and wastewater collection systems.

River Networks

River modelling - reinvented

Analyse river flows, assess hydrological changes and estimate pollution transport to mitigate disasters and improve water quality.


Get the full picture on flooding

Predict the impact of flood events, identify risks and evaluate mitigation measures for climate adaptation and emergency response plans.

MIKE+ simplifies your job so you can concentrate on what matters most – creating resilient water systems

No more switching between different platforms when modelling urban water, river and flooding scenarios

Reduce costs and minimise environmental impacts through predictive modelling and testing sustainable design options

Holistically manage water with data-driven decision support

Discover MIKE+

Check out how MIKE+ can help water utilities tackle the most pressing water management challenges of today.

Powerful alone. Better together.

MIKE+ offers a full suite of integrated software solutions for water systems with a flexible and scalable model manager layer at its core. The MIKE+ platform allows you to plug and play with different modules to customise water management solutions. They’re powerful alone – but even better when used together.
Plus, some modules are transversal, so you can use them across your collection systems, rivers and flooding challenges. That’s the power of an integrated water modelling platform.

MIKE+ Rainfall Runoff

Prepare multiple rainfall-runoff models in one simulation. Choose between the Time-Area method, Kinematic Wave routing method, LIDS options, linear reservoir models, Storm Water Quality Method or UHM. You can even combine these models with rainfall-dependent inflow and infiltration (RDI).

MIKE+ Control

Design and test real-time controls of pumps, weirs, gates and valves. Then, compare strategies to optimise your system’s capacity efficiently.

MIKE+ Transport

Analyse the transport of pollutants entering pipe networks, rivers or wastewater by advection-dispersion of fine and coarse sediments. The MIKE+ Transport is required for the MIKE+ ECO Lab process modelling.


Analyse complex water quality phenomena in sewer and river systems using templates. Model the biological and chemical processes of pollutants and eroded sediments transported by advection. Assess the treatment processes in LIDS, outlets, and more.


MIKE 3 Flow Model FM

Model the impact of river flow and collection systems outflow into coastal environments, estuarial domains or stratified lakes. When your receiving environment is stratified, increase MIKE+ accuracy and the reliability of your results by coupling your 1D model directly to MIKE 3 FM model.

Need flexible pricing?

Then you need a scalable model management solution

In today’s world, nothing works in isolation

That includes the technology you use to develop your water systems. Whether you manage all the water in a city or work on special development projects, with MIKE+’s flexible pricing options, you choose and pay for only the modules you need to get your job done.

Manage complex water system projects

With the Model Manager at the core of MIKE+’s user interface, you’ll efficiently go through each phase of modelling. From inputting data to analysing and presenting simulation results, MIKE+ makes it easy.


Combine MIKE+ with ArcGIS Pro capabilities and open the door to world leading Esri software.

MIKE+ ArcGIS gives you access to sophisticated spatial processing technology to make you more efficient in preparing spatial data or when analysing and visualising model outputs. Plus, rivers, 2D overland and SWMM data are all supported - together with their results in 1D and 2D.

What can MIKE+ do for you?

Whether you work with water distribution and collection systems, rivers and flooding, or all the above, MIKE+ has you covered.

Water Utilities

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, better understand hydraulic network performance, streamline operations, reduce non-revenue water and manage leaks.


Understand which areas of a city are safe to develop and which should be avoided. Reduce the environmental and economic impacts of big development projects.

Flood Risk Management

Determine solutions to reduce the impact of heavy rain and surface pollutants in both urban and rural areas. Assess potential flood control measures and build real-time flood forecasting systems.

Urban Planning

Prepare climate adaptation plans as well as design resilient and sustainable urban solutions while protecting future investments in water infrastructures.

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MIKE Waternet Advisor

Improve efficiency in day-to-day operations, management and reporting of water distribution and collection system networks with easy, web-based access to hydraulic conditions.

Water Distribution Online

Connect your hydraulic model with SCADA systems for real-time, hindcast, and forecast analysis of water distribution/supply systems of any size.


Optimise the data-driven infrastructure planning process in MIKE+ (MIKE1D, SWMM and EPANET) with this cloud-based solution. Evaluate cost, hydraulic performance, energy, water quality and carbon footprint across thousands of assets.

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