Water distribution

Modelling of water distribution systems in cities

Water utilities must continuously adapt to changing economic, societal, governmental and environmental challenges. At the same time these challenges can also be seen as opportunities for implementing holistic approaches to the management of water utilities.

To meet these challenges, access to the right tools is essential. MIKE URBAN enables you to solve these challenges successfully, make sound decisions and create future concepts for water distribution systems - concepts that are cost-effective as well as resilient to change. MIKE URBAN provides essential tools for making your water projects successful.

The water distribution modules integrated in MIKE URBAN enable you to model:

  • Demand water allocation and water distribution
  • Water quality, including water age and contaminants
  • Control options for extended period simulations
  • Transient flow simulation of fully pressurised systems
  • Fire flow


  • Feature-rich GIS environment: Esri ArcGIS
  • Detailed hydraulic modelling
  • Flexible import and export of data
  • Interpolation, assignment and validation of data
  • Powerful result presentation
  • Local support in more than 30 countries