Urban flooding

Flood modelling in urban areas

Urban drainage systems are in transition from functioning simply as a transport system to becoming an important element of urban flood protection measures. For this reason, planning of urban drainage networks has to be future proof, taking the entire urban water cycle, demographic processes and climate change effects into account. 

To meet these challenges, access to the right tools is essential. MIKE URBAN Flood enables you to make sound decisions and create future concepts for urban flood prevention - concepts that are cost-effective as well as resilient to change.

MIKE URBAN Flood supports sustainable planning processes in urban areas with:

  • Detailed analysis of combined sewer overflows (CSOs), including 2D overland flow
  • Estimation of potential risks and damages caused by extreme events
  • Planning of measures in sewer systems and on the surface, including integration of city planning and hydraulic analysis
  • Evaluation of effects of a river flood in sewers
  • Design of mitigation measures for urban flood protection 


  • Visualises interaction of water on the surface and in the underground
  • Supports planning processes in cities
  • Result presentation, which is easy to understand for both decision makers and highly sophisticated for experts
  • Comparison of scenarios