Storm water and wastewater

Modelling of storm water drainage networks and sewer collection systems

Development and rehabilitation of urban collection systems can pose major challenges to planners and engineers. The systems must be cost-effective, yet also sufficiently resilient to handle the effects of demographic processes as well as the consequences of climate change. Neither of these processes are easily predictable.

To meet these challenges, access to the right tools is essential. MIKE URBAN enables you to make sound decisions and create future concepts for urban storm water drainage networks and sewer collection systems - concepts that are cost-effective as well as resilient to change. The high degree of accuracy is achieved by using DHI’s computational engines, MOUSE and MIKE 1D – with unrivalled numerical stability and accuracy. Furthermore, it is achieved by simulating catchments based on their actual spatial geometry and the corresponding hydrological parameters.

The collection system modules integrated in MIKE URBAN enable you to model:

  • Hydrodynamic pipe flow
  • Advanced real-time control strategies
  • Pollutant transport 
  • Biological processes
  • Rainfall runoff
  • 2D overland flow


  • Feature-rich GIS environment: Esri ArcGIS
  • Detailed hydraulic modelling
  • Flexible import and export of data
  • Interpolation, assignment and validation of data
  • Powerful result presentation
  • Local support in more than 30 countries