Access our powerful and precise simulation engines


  • MIKE PLANNING and MIKE Powered by DHI’s modelling products give you ultimate performance – When using MIKE PLANNING in combination with the MIKE software family, you get access to the most powerful simulation engines available. Performance and robustness is key when you run long simulations, multiple scenarios and when working with complex optimisation problems.
  • MIKE PLANNING fully utilises your computer’s capacity – MIKE PLANNING allows you to distribute your loads over multiple computers to leverage your hardware investments and get your work done timely.
  • MIKE PLANNING connects to your MIKE modelling products – MIKE PLANNING integrates smoothly with MIKE modelling products, but can also be used with other water modelling tools.
  • MIKE PLANNING deals with risks and uncertainties – MIKE PLANNING allows you to run ensembles of simulations so that you can include probabilities and risks in your planning decisions. MIKE PLANNING includes a suite of tools for ensemble generation as well as tools turning outputs into probabilities on model predictions.
  • MIKE PLANNING optimises your system – The ‘Optimisation’ module allows you to work with simulation-based optimisation algorithms, for instance, to fine-tune the operation of your water control structures in order to improve your water allocation and usage.