A software product designed for scenario analysis and decision support

MIKE PLANNING is a software product that supports a structured and transparent analysis and comparison of model-based scenario simulations. Mathematical models are strong tools that allows quantification of impacts associated with different types of scenarios, often involving construction or operation of infrastructure such as dams, irrigation schemes, water collection systems and distribution systems.

MIKE PLANNING supports a more objective and transparent decision process. The underlying concept is that scenarios are evaluated and compared using a set of agreed performance indicators or decision criteria, after which the most appropriate scenario will be selected.


River basin authorities use MIKE PLANNING to identify scenarios that best meet their water management objectives at the lowest cost.

Cities and Water utilities use MIKE PLANNING to design or improve ground water pumping schemes, water distribution and collection networks in order to minimise costs while meeting operational and legislative constraints.


  • Manage models and scenarios
  • Transparent and objective decision making
  • Compare scenarios using multi-criteria analysis and cost-benefit analysis
  • Optimise water allocation and operations
  • Handle uncertainties and risks
  • Powerful spatial and temporal data processing capabilities through MIKE INFO
  • Flexible expandability options
  • Unparalleled software support and access to training courses via THE ACADEMY by DHI


MIKE PLANNING is a set of tools that supports data analysis and automates post-processing of scenario results into a set of key indicators or criteria, which are useful in a decision-making context. MIKE PLANNING functionality is made available through MIKE Workbench, which is a desktop application, shared with MIKE INFO and MIKE OPERATIONS.