Access our powerful and precise simulation engines

For online operations and during emergencies, system performance and reliability is key. Simulation models that fail during run-time or late warnings due to poor performance render any online system worthless.


  • MIKE OPERATIONS and MIKE Powered by DHI’s modelling products give you ultimate performance – When using MIKE OPERATIONS in combination with the MIKE software family, you get access to the most powerful simulation engines available. No one else can solve complex water challenges the way we do – with robustness, accuracy and high-quality performances demonstrated by our MIKE modelling products.
  • MIKE OPERATIONS fully utilises your computer’s capacity – MIKE OPERATIONS allows you to distribute your loads over multiple computers to leverage your hardware investments and get timely forecasts.
  • MIKE OPERATIONS connects to your MIKE modelling products – MIKE OPERATIONS integrates smoothly with MIKE modelling products, but it can also be used with other water modelling tools.
  • MIKE OPERATIONS deals with risks and uncertainties – MIKE OPERATIONS allows you to run your models in ensemble mode so that you can include probabilities and risks in your operational decisions. MIKE OPERATIONS includes a suite of tools for ensemble generation and produces a variety of performance measures.
  • MIKE OPERATIONS optimises your system in real-time – The ‘Optimisation’ module allows you to work with simulation-based optimisation algorithms in real-time. For instance, to optimise damn releases to meet downstream water demands, to mitigate flooding, or to control pumps or gates in water collection systems to minimise combined sewer overflows.