Extending your system’s lifespan

No matter how robust, IT systems will need to be enhanced over time due to changes in reporting requirements, new operational responsibilities or evolving organisational needs. Expandability safeguards your investments and extends the lifespan of your system. MIKE INFO’s fully flexible attribute means that it can integrate seamlessly with MIKE Powered by DHI’s modelling systems. If you prefer, MIKE INFO can also be used without models or be combined with your existing non-DHI modelling platforms.


  • MIKE INFO offers an extendable IT framework– As an off-the-shelf product, MIKE INFO provides a powerful suite of tools at your disposition. However, when needed, you can expand the system with additional functionality either by the built-in Python scripting component which is nicely integrated with MIKE INFO, or you can plug-in your own .NET components using MIKE INFO’s application programme interface (API). We also deliver MIKE INFO with a rich Web API that allows you to build your own web applications and embed MIKE INFO data into your existing web applications or corporate IT solutions.
  • Fully compatible with MIKE’s software family – MIKE INFO complements and links smoothly with all of our MIKE modelling products, but its versatility means it can also be used as a standalone, without models or with other non-DHI modelling systems.