A data management system for water authorities and water utilities

MIKE INFO is a comprehensive and flexible data management and data integration software focused on making temporal and spatial data sets available for a variety of purposes. It supports the management, analysis, presentation and publication of historical and online data and information to facilitate decision making.


Water authorities use MIKE INFO as a hydrological data management system that can provide access to quality-assured hydrological data for water management purposes.

River authorities use MIKE INFO as a platform to collect and process data, ensuring that reliable online data are available, for instance, to serve flood forecasting systems.

Water utilities use MIKE INFO to connect to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and provide an operational overview of water distribution networks, water collection systems or wastewater treatment plants.


  • Powerful data integration, data management and reporting capabilities
  • One repository for historical data and online data
  • Automated data processing and reporting workflows
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Flexible expandability options
  • Full compatibility with MIKE Powered by DHI’s software family or tailored to your technology
  • Unparalleled software support and access to training courses via THE ACADEMY by DHI


MIKE INFO is a powerful combination of a standardised out-of-the-box product and an extremely flexible and open data management framework. You can get the software up and running safely and quickly while reserving the option to enhance MIKE INFO as your needs evolve. The MIKE INFO functionality is made available through three complementary user interface designed to support different types of users:

  • MIKE INFO Desktop – a user-friendly desktop client, designed for users who need fast and simple access to selected data sets, specific data tools and data reports.
  • MIKE INFO WEB – a web-client with a similar look-and-feel as MIKE INFO Desktop but with a subset of the functionality and a focus on data sharing.
  • MIKE Workbench – an advanced desktop client, designed for expert users who apply data analysis and process tools interactively and are able to configure automated workflows, scripts and custom-made data reports. MIKE Workbench is shared by MIKE INFO, MIKE PLANNING and MIKE OPERATIONS – thus offering a common data management framework for these three products.