Water allocation

Water allocation and prioritisation of water resources

Water shortage is an increasing issue in many countries worldwide with potential risks for conflicts between stakeholders over access to available water resources. Therefore, planning and balanced prioritisation of resources become increasingly important.

MIKE HYDRO Basin keeps track of water availability in river basins, public and private demands and water allocation through dynamic simulations. The dynamic simulations cover any period of time, with user defined time resolution and the possibility to prioritise water users.

With MIKE HYDRO Basin you can create transparent river basin models, which can be as comprehensive as needed with no limitation in size.


  • Represent all consumptive and nonconsumptive sector demands
  • Represent variability in hydrology and account for environmental concerns
  • Analyse conjunctive water use schemes, including surface water and groundwater
  • Simulate water distribution according to given set of rules, such as strict priority or shared priority
  • Investigate best solution options, such as override or modify existing rules or allow new entitlements
  • Include specific nonstandard rules through scripting