Stakeholder engagement

Involving stakeholders in developing sustainable solutions

Active stakeholders are crucial for successful development and implementation of fair and sustainable solutions to water allocation challenges. MIKE HYDRO Basin is an ideal tool for facilitating stakeholder involvement through active dialogue.

Different stakeholders can develop their own solutions, and the solutions can be compared using a common and objective method. With MIKE HYDRO Basin, you can:

  • Establish agreed baseline scenarios
  • Allow stakeholder to define new scenarios
  • Compare results based on common tools and methods
  • Create dialogue between stakeholders
  • Illustrate results graphically


To further facilitate stakeholder engagement, it is also possible to make use of serious games. As an add-on to MIKE HYDRO Basin, you can create an interactive, web-based water allocation game, which stakeholders can play in order to improve their understanding of the likely consequences of different actions.

The game is made realistic by converting the relevant MIKE HYDRO Basin model to the serious game interface developed by DHI. In other words, each game is based on the actual issues at stake and the situations and dilemmas are easy to recognise by the players.

Please contact us to learn how easy it is to convert your MIKE HYDRO Basin model to an engaging, yet serious game for your stakeholders.

For a demonstration of the power of serious water allocation games, try the Aqua Republica game developed for UNEP by DHI and Serious Games Interactive.