Reservoir and hydropower

Water allocation and prioritisation of water resources

Reservoirs play an important role in river basins for controlling water supply and avoid flooding.

MIKE HYDRO Basin includes options for investigating and improving complex operating policies for numerous multipurpose reservoirs, which may have interdependent rule curves and transfer schemes. Other water bodies, such as lakes and wetlands may conveniently be represented as “reservoir” in MIKE HYDRO Basin.

Additionally, MIKE HYDRO Basin is especially useful for designing and evaluating hydropower schemes.


  • Reservoir operation policies can be investigated from a local project as well as an integrated basin perspective
  • Easy simulation of reservoirs using time varying rule curves and reservoir characteristics
  • Establish dynamic water balances, including gains and losses
  • Evaluate reservoir yields and investigate best operation policies
  • Evaluate water banking opportunities through storage rights system
  • Represent, essentially any, complex operating policies by scripting