Integrated flood modelling

Integrated 1D and 2D flood modelling

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Flooding is a critical, yet natural phenomenon with severe economic, social and environmental consequences when it occurs. Flooding is a constant risk to people in urban and coastal areas and along rivers and floodplains. Recent years’ severe flood events underline the requirements for reliable flood modelling tools that enable us to analyse flood events and develop flood protection measures or flood mitigation strategies in the attempt to prevent the losses of human lives and property, as well as to minimise significant destruction of infrastructure and landscape.

MIKE FLOOD is a unique, integrated modelling package, which is specifically developed and tailored towards market requirements for storm surge, floodplain and urban flood modelling applications. MIKE FLOOD enables you to model virtually any flood problem – whether it involves rivers, floodplains, flooding in streets, drainage networks, coastal areas, dam or levee breaches or any combination of these.

The core elements in MIKE FLOOD are our well-proven models, MIKE HYDRO River for rivers, MIKE+ for collection systems and MIKE 21 for 2D surface flow. These are dynamically coupled to form a unique and trend-setting three-way coupled modelling tool.

Unique features of MIKE FLOOD especially relevant for floodplain, storm surge and urban flood applications are:

  • Comprehensive structure package in both 1D and 2D models
  • Efficient flooding and drying facility
  • Fast and robust solution techniques
  • Supercritical flow
  • Embankment failure options
  • GIS integration
  • Flood damage analysis tools


  • Well-proven technology and simulation engines, which have been applied successfully in numerous projects globally
  • Fast engine simulation execution using parallelisation options, GPU card processing or HPC clusters
  • Integrated flood modelling comprising dynamic coastal, urban, river and  floodplains interactions