Flood Screener

Make a rapid, overall assessment of potential, local flooding

Produce more targeted flood models by quickly screening for flood prone areas based on accumulated rainfall and sea level variations.


Support the planning phase of your project by identifying areas prone to flooding
Estimate flood extent and volume during a storm
Assess potential flood protection or mitigation measures such as flood walls, diversion channels, or collection ponds
Identify areas which require a more detailed analysis and fully dynamic flood modelling prior to final decision making
Plus – MIKE Powered by DHI users can export Flood Screener results to our 2D flood modelling software for more detailed flood model results.

Key features

Minimum input, rapid screening results

Obtain your first flood screening results with just a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of your local project area and a few model input parameters.

Rainfall induced flood screening

During the planning phase, simply define the accumulated, effective rainfall over your region for a rapid overview of areas at risk of excess water accumulation and the associated potential volumes.

Coastal flooding from sea level variations

Predict inundation extents from increased sea levels in low-lying, coastal regions.

Flood management and protection measures

Screen for the potential efficacy of structural flood protection measures by adding flood walls, diversion channels, and storage ponds to the surface elevation model.

Surface profiles and flood elevations

Analyse longitudinal profiles to help you understand local flooding from different rainfall amounts.

Screening maps

Generate screening maps of ponded water depths and drainage pathways based on a range of rainfall rates and detailed surface elevation data, plus potential flood protection measures.

Visualisation and post processing

Visualise results in Google Earth or export data and screening results for external post-processing.

Compatibility with MIKE Powered by DHI software products

Follow screening with 2D flow simulations to get the more accurate, dynamic results needed for final decision making. Or, export result maps or elevation models directly into our fully dynamic MIKE 2D flood modelling packages.

Get started

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