Flood Screener

What is it?

A cloud application for screening of flood prone areas from accumulated rainfall and sea level variations.

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Flood Screener calculates flood inundation maps with a Digital Elevation Model (DEM), using user-defined rainfall amounts and potentially sea elevation as key input. Flood Screener is the application for you if you wish to:

Make a rapid, overall assessment of potential, local flooding in the planning phase of your project

Identify areas prone to flooding, and obtain estimates of flood extent and flood volumes during an event

Obtain a first impression on the effect of proposed physical flood protection or mitigation measures like flood walls, diversion channels or collection ponds.

Identify flood areas of particular interest which require a refined and more detailed analysis with accurate, fully dynamic flood modelling prior to final decision making.

If you’re a MIKE Powered by DHI user, you may export Flood Screener results for direct use in our 2D MIKE flood modelling software products. This will support you in creating more detailed flood model results required for supporting project target achievements.

Key features

Minimum input, rapid screening results

You need only a Digital Elevation Model from your local project area and minimum model input parameters to obtain your first flood screening results.

Rainfall induced flood screening

Rapid overview of areas in risk of being inundated from rain events through definition of the accumulated, effective rainfall amount over the model domain.

Coastal flooding from sea level variations

Predictions of flood extents from rising sea levels on low-lying, coastal regions can be easily assessed from flood screener simulations.

Flood extent and flood water volumes

Flood screening results present the flood extent in affected areas and flood water volumes – all vital input in the flooding analysis and planning phase.

Flood management and protection measures

Investigate the potential efficiency of structural flood management or protection measures by adding flood walls, diversion channels and storage ponds to the surface elevation model.

Surface profiles and flood elevations

Analyse the surface characteristics and water depths in a longitudinal profile for enhanced understanding of local flooding impacts from different rainfall amounts.

Screening results

Screening results include maps of water depths, flow path indicators for surface water routing as well as updated surface elevation models with manual defined flood prevention features.

Visualisation and post processing

Animate flooding from varying rainfall in Flood Screener, visualise results in Google Earth or export data and screening results for external post-processing.

Compatibility with MIKE Powered by DHI software products

Screening should generally be followed by fully dynamic model simulations to obtain higher accuracy results for final decision making. Result maps or elevation models can be exported for this purpose and applied in DHI’s accurate, fully dynamic MIKE 2D flood modelling packages.

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