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Analyse the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal or port infrastructure with this advanced 3D phase-resolving model

Why MIKE 3 Wave FM?

Better understand complex sediment transport problems using two new 3D models

Calculate sediment transport in 3D

To better understand complex sediment problems, MIKE 3 Flow Model FM and MIKE 3 Wave FM users have two new models to rely on. The new 3D sand transport calculations are particularly useful when analysing scenarios where vertical resolution is important such as trench siltation, scour around monopiles and berms and breaker bar dynamics under waves. Further enhancements to sand transport calculations include a new bed load model after Kovacs and Parker.

Simulate wave breaking, wave run-up and overtopping

With MIKE 3 Wave FM (M3W), you can accurately simulate wave conditions as part of flood planning design. M3W is the only professional modelling tool that allows you to make detailed calculations of waves and overtoppings in larger flood-prone areas.

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When physical phenomena are properly resolved in space and time, all physical transformation wave processes can be simulated.

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MIKE 3 Wave FM is the ideal tool for wave agitation modelling of short and long waves in any water depth.

Automatically include infragravity waves in wave agitation simulations

MIKE 3 Wave FM is the next generation application to accurately simulate wave agitation in any port or terminal including sea, swell and infragravity waves. The software also seamlessly connects with the dynamic mooring analysis application, MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis.

More accurately model porous structures

By using a 3D model, you can more accurately represent porous structures like breakwaters and beaches with natural porosity. Calculate wave transmission and wave reflection with more confidence as compared to using various semi-empirical formulas.

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The advanced fully-nonlinear 3-dimensional interaction between surface and sub-merged breakwaters is a unique feature as compared to previous depth-integrated models.

Quickly set up models with less errors using the enhanced work flow of wave transformation modelling.

It’s all about speed and accuracy

Take advantage of M3W’s high-performance computing (HPC) capability and even execute work in the Cloud. You will notice how significantly faster the highly parallelised engine code is than computational fluid dynamics (CFD) volume-of-fluid (VOF) models – all without compromising accuracy.

MIKE 3 Wave FM supports your work in these segments

Port Planning & Design

Directly evaluate port layouts against berth operability and predict the consequence of each layout.

Coastal Impact & Inundation

Simulate wave transformation including surf and swash zone hydrodynamics as well as the risk of coastal flooding for mitigation planning.

Coastal Structure Design

Evaluate different protection coastal structures on wave transmission, reflection and overtopping. Use output for wave load estimation.

Loads on Offshore Structures

Calculate 3D wave kinematics for structural load calculations in extreme sea states.

No in-house modellers?

DHI’s experts are here to listen to your challenges and build a custom MIKE 3 Wave FM model to help evaluate solutions.

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Featured software subscription package

Ports and Maritime

This affordable subscription package includes MIKE 3 Wave FM, MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis, MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves, and MIKE 21 Spectral Waves plus additional modelling tools for port and maritime applications.

Additional capabilities & unique features

Save time and improve your modelling workflows using MIKE Zero’s upgraded editors and viewers. Take advantage of new keyboard shortcuts and themes, improved tabbing, tear off and cascade functionality plus easier access to User Guides and Scientific Documentation.

MIKE Zero, DHI’s fully Windows integrated graphical user interface, is now better than ever and comes standard with all MIKE 21/3 software. Enjoy easy access to new MIKE Cloud applications and Cloud-enhanced functionality, plus an extended set of MIKE tools within theme-based (rather than product-based) interactive workflows. Ensure important model components such as sources and structures stay at the forefront with a new interactive, customisable floating mapping window. Lastly, the updated tabbing functionality will help you work in a more organised and efficient manner.

MIKE 3 Wave FM users now have access to our k-Omega turbulence model with wall functions to more accurately calculate wave dynamics, for example when modelling vortex shedding in the wake of vertical structures. Watch video

This feature is a major advantage over traditional wave modelling applications in the market.

With M3W, you only need to resolve the physical phenomena properly in space and time.

The software’s flexible, unstructured computational meshes provide the basis for detailed multi-disciplinary models.

A benefit of M3W is that wave conditions are specified directly in the model’s graphical user interface. The software takes spectral output from MIKE 21 Spectral Waves (SW) making it easier and faster to set up the model. Model output can also be used directly in dynamic mooring analyses using MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA). Existing MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves (BW) setups can also be converted to M3W model setups. Lastly, overtopping discharges from M3W can be used in MIKE FLOOD. Plus, there’s no need for external tools to calculate porosity (like in MIKE 21 BW). The natural porosity of the structures can be used directly.

M3W comes equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface so model set up is a breeze.

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