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Accurately assess the dynamic effects of wind, currents and the local wave climate on moored vessels and other floating structures, in any environment

Why MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis?

Improve the efficiency of load operations for each specific berth

MIKE 21 MA allows you to perform highly precise moored vessel response assessment for single and multi-vessel systems. Ensure the safety of vessels and infrastructure with the ability to check mooring configurations under extreme conditions in ports and exposed location. More efficiently manage cargo operations between terminal-to-ship and ship-to-ship.

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Perform mooring analyses for vessels exposed to high waves and strong winds

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Due to the seamless connection with MIKE 21 HD, complex hydrodynamics involving passing vessels can be performed

Easily simulate multi-body interactions

The intuitive interface of MIKE 21 MA makes it easy to simulate multi-body interactions and incorporate the quay shape to improve the accuracy of mooring calculations. The interface also simplifies offshore terminal calculations for the oil & gas industry by allowing ship-to-ship arrangements and for incorporating the exact wave climate.

Analyse automatic mooring systems

Both DynaMoor™ and AutoMoor by Trelleborg algorithms are fully integrated into MIKE 21 MA allowing you to analyse automated mooring systems, model vessel motions and study passing vessel and long period wave effects further increasing port efficiency. See Trelleborg White Paper (AutoMoor) and DynaMoor™.
Simulate automatic mooring systems such as Trelleborg’s rope-free AutoMoor system.
The hull of a 400 m container vessel in a format to use immediately with MIKE 21 MA

Access a wide selection of prototypes for realistic vessel hull representation

In partnership with FORCE Technology, an additional 40 vessel prototype hulls (11 bulk carriers, 13 container carriers, 7 LNG carriers and 9 tankers) can be purchased as an enhancement to the 12 vessel prototype hulls included in the software package. By using the implemented scaling technique, users can now cover the entire range of vessel sizes between 70 and 400 m of length with confidence. See vessel prototype hulls catalogue

Include infragravity waves in your mooring analysis for the most comprehensive assessments

The seamless connection between MIKE 21 MA and MIKE 21 BW and MIKE 3 Wave FM supports the inclusion of long period waves such as infragravity waves in your mooring analysis. This enables the consideration of the wave transformation not only from offshore to coast but also inside ports and terminals.

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MIKE 21 MA supports the inclusion of long period infragravity waves for mooring analyses in complex water bodies

The vessels dialog has been updated to allow for filtering of irregular frequencies when analysing multi-vessel setups

Specify wave parameters where no dynamic wave data is available

No access to dynamic wave data? No problem. With MIKE 21 MA, you can still complete efficient mooring analysis studies. Building upon the recently implemented options for specifying constant values for current and wind, it’s now possible to specify wave conditions – even if no dynamic wave data exists. Take your pick from these two options:
  • Regular wave parameters (using Stokes 1st order, Stokes 5th order or Stream function options)
  • Irregular wave parameters (using Pierson-Moskowitz, JONSWAP or TMA)

MIKE 21 MA supports the full spectrum of the port industry

Port Operations

Marine pilots and operators can quickly assess the safety of the applied mooring system under present conditions.

Port Planning

Identify adverse conditions for operations in open seas and ports in advance to reduce downtime and operational costs.

Ship Manufacturing

Optimise winch locations and winch capacities for the latest ropes.

Port Design

Directly evaluate port layouts against berth operability and predict the consequence of each layout through the seamless integration of MIKE 21 hydrodynamic and wave models.

Equipment Manufacturing

Evaluate the design of bollards, dolphins, mooring lines, fenders and automatic mooring devices under realistic conditions with cost-efficient numerical modelling.

Oil & Gas Terminals

Simplify offshore terminal calculations with the ability to account for ship-to-ship arrangements and the incorporation of the exact environmental data.

No in-house modellers?

DHI’s port technology and mooring analysis experts can take care of all the modelling and collaborate with your team on ways to improve port safety planning and boost efficiencies.

Tour MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA)

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Featured software subscription package

Ports and Maritime

This affordable subscription package includes MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis, MIKE 3 Wave FM, MIKE 21 Boussinesq Waves, and MIKE 21 Spectral Waves plus additional modelling tools for port and maritime applications.

Additional capabilities & unique features

Save time and improve your modelling workflows using MIKE Zero’s upgraded editors and viewers. Take advantage of new keyboard shortcuts and themes, improved tabbing, tear off and cascade functionality plus easier access to User Guides and Scientific Documentation.

MIKE Zero, DHI’s fully Windows integrated graphical user interface, is now better than ever and comes standard with all MIKE 21/3 software. Enjoy easy access to new MIKE Cloud applications and Cloud-enhanced functionality, plus an extended set of MIKE tools within theme-based (rather than product-based) interactive workflows. Ensure important model components such as sources and structures stay at the forefront with a new interactive, customisable floating mapping window. Lastly, the updated tabbing functionality will help you work in a more organised and efficient manner.

The mooring analysis solver of our model allows for rapid run times while offering extremely accurate results.

Incorporate the shape of the vessel and wave and flow fields that surround the entire vessel.

The intuitive graphical user interface of our software makes it a breeze to learn and use.

MIKE 21 MA can directly use output from simulations of waves and currents from other MIKE modules (MIKE 21 BW, MIKE 3 Wave and MIKE 21 HD) and therefore analyse the mooring arrangement based on 2D waves and currents.

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