River modelling unlimited

Please notice that we have introduced our new generation river modelling package, MIKE HYDRO River.

MIKE HYDRO River is the successor of MIKE 11 with improved user experience and workflow as well as performance enhancements. It provides a modern, map-based and highly intuitive graphical user interface for your river modelling. Get started with MIKE HYDRO River and take your river modelling to the next level.

Learn more about MIKE HYDRO River.

MIKE 11 is synonymous with top quality river modelling covering more application areas than any other river modelling package available. Whether your project deals with flooding, navigation, water quality, forecasting, sediment transport, a combination of these or other aspects of river engineering, MIKE 11 handles it.


  • With MIKE 11 you get one of the world’s most well proven and widely applied 1D river modelling packages
  • MIKE 11 is the preferred choice for professional river engineers when reliability, versatility, productivity and quality are keywords
  • It is a powerful river modelling toolbox with more features than any other river modelling package
  • MIKE 11 is the software product, which made the MIKE brand name synonymous with top quality modelling software from DHI and it remains one of the most widely used MIKE by DHI products


  • Flood analysis and flood alleviation design studies
  • Real time flood, drought or water quality forecasting
  • Dam break analysis
  • Optimisation of reservoir and river structure operations
  • Ecology and water quality assessments in rivers and wetlands
  • Sediment transport and long term assessment of morphology changes
  • Salinity intrusion in rivers and estuaries
  • Wetland restoration studies
  • Integrated flood modelling
  • Integrated catchment modelling with river and groundwater interaction