Groundwater seepage

Modelling seepage processes in mining environments and hydraulic systems

Groundwater seepage is a key question for many engineering applications, such as open-pit mining, design of underground tunnels and hydraulic structures, such as tailing and earth dams.

FEFLOW’s flexible meshing strategies combined with its capabilities to model flow and transport processes under unsaturated or variably saturated conditions allow for an accurate estimation of seepage amounts – for all geometries and under various hydrogeological settings.

FEFLOW enables you to model:

  • Leakage problems from tailings or earth dams, underground pipe networks or underground waste storage tanks
  • Seepage amounts in mining environments – information needed to reach expected dewatering volumes and times
  • Identification of unknown seepage locations
  • Containment approaches to mitigate seepage or leakage conditions


  • Available automatic seepage assignment
  • Possibility to include intermittent seepage stages
  • Cutting edge visualisation tools to identify location and direction of seepage