Groundwater management

Managing and allocating groundwater resources

Natural groundwater resources are subject to steadily increasing water demand for agriculture, domestic and industrial use. Effective allocation requires accurate knowledge about the spatial distribution of existing resources and the relevant flow processes. Up-to-date management strategies include artificial recharge, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), bank filtration and water saving irrigation techniques.

To meet these challenges, access to the right tools is essential. Groundwater models meant to reflect such strategies require a high level of local detail on a regional scale. FEFLOW’s flexible meshing strategies with local mesh refinement provide the means to build large regional scale models without losing necessary local precision.

Use your FEFLOW models for:

  • Groundwater allocation
  • Wellhead protection
  • Water volume estimation
  • Water origin analysis
  • Well-field optimisation
  • Groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Contamination risk assessment
  • Travel time calculation
  • Catchment zone analysis
  • Capture zone delineation
  • Managed aquifer recharge


  • Multiple options and efficient tools combined in one single software environment
  • Easy workflows through groundwater age functionality