Geothermal energy

Modelling geothermal energy and heat transport processes

Geothermal energy has tremendous potential and the geothermal energy market for heating and cooling of buildings and facilities as well as for power generation or district heating is experiencing rapid growth. During the last decade, simulation models for heat transport have evolved from an exotic exercise to a standard application.

FEFLOW enables you to model all relevant components of heat transport processes. Combined with its flexible meshing strategies, this makes FEFLOW an industry standard for geothermal modelling.

FEFLOW enables you to model:

  • Near surface geothermal installations
  • Deep geothermal installations
  • Open and closed loop systems
  • Borehole heat exchangers (BHE)
  • Heat exchanger arrays
  • Aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES)
  • Heat transport in porous and fractured media under saturated and unsaturated conditions
  • Interaction with heating and cooling installations
  • Optimisation of geothermal installations
  • Life of installation analysis


  • Scenario analysis
  • One tool for modelling all relevant heat transport processes
  • Cutting edge visualisation tool
  • Different types of built-in BHE geometries