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40% discount on all Coast & Sea subscription packages

Coast & Sea subscription packages

In a world where scalability and flexibility are key, our subscription packages let you focus on what is truly important:
getting the best modelling results for your projects. We’ve done the hard work for you, by selecting combinations of products and modules that address specific needs and applications.

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Logical and market-focused packages
Perform unlimited simulations
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Option to subscribe for just 2 months

All subscriptions come with DHI’s renowned software support for the period of the subscription.

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No more hardware limitation – get the most out of your MIKE Powered by DHI modelling subscriptions in the Cloud on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Read more

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Ocean Engineering

Simulate an almost endless range of flow phenomena, waves, sediment dynamics and dispersion phenomena in the ocean.

What’s in the package?

from 750€ /per month*

Ports & Maritime

Optimise port and terminal design from planning to construction, operation and more with this strong package.

What’s in the package?

from 900€/per month*

Coastal Engineering

Achieve sustainable coastal development with a range of industry-recognised applications to support coastal solutions.

What’s in the package?

from 900€/per month*

Environmental Engineering

Transform any aquatic ecosystem or environmental scenario – whether at coast or sea – into a reliable numerical model for accurate predictions.

What’s in the package?

from 900€/per month*

* Conditions:
The offer is valid until 31 December 2019.
The minimum subscription period is 12 months.
A new user is a company or organization that has not purchased or subscribed to MIKE 21, MIKE 3 or LITPACK the last three (3) years.
It is not possible to combine this offer with any other offers.
All fees are exclusive of VAT or any other taxes


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