02 Sep 2015

DHI Turkey signs memorandum of understanding with main water authority in Turkey on technology transfer

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between DHI Turkey and the General Directorate of Water Management (SYGM) to improve the country’s capability of managing water resources.

Dr. Serdar Sürer, Country Managing Director of DHI, signed the MoU with SYGM’s General Director, Professor Cumali Kınacı, on 28 August 2015.

SYGM – part of Turkey’s Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs – is one of the key organisations responsible for the management and conservation of water resources in Turkey. They are also responsible for the prevention of pollution in river basins, the conservation of quality and quantity of surface and ground water, and conducting nation-wide studies for water allocation as well as for flood control and mitigation.

DHI Turkey will be collaborating with SYGM on water resources planning, integrated river basin management, water balance, water allocation, water quality, reservoir optimisation, flood control and mitigation studies. Some of the activities in the pipeline include:

  • Hydrodynamic modelling training courses and seminars
  • Sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices using MIKE Powered by DHI tools
  • Research and development studies to determine the areas that MIKE modelling software can be applied to solve water-related challenges in Turkey

We look forward to supporting our client and implementing MIKE technologies to develop sustainable approaches in water environments.