MIKE 2021

Take your water modelling capabilities to the next level with the MIKE 2021 release.

Water Hammer

Prevent surges and secure distribution network operations with the new Water Hammer module.


Simulate route runoff and external inflows through pipes, channels, storage units and diversion structures with the flexible SWMM module.

Plug and play

With different transversal modules to customise water management solutions across water systems.

New product: MIKE+

We’ve combined the power of our MIKE product portfolio so you can integrate, model and manage all your water systems on one platform for the most comprehensive analyses.
From water distribution and collection systems, to rivers and flooding, MIKE+ models it all. Best yet, you can plug and play with modules to customise water management analyses across interconnected natural and man-made water systems.

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Already use MIKE URBAN+, MIKE FLOOD or MIKE HYDRO RIVER? See how MIKE+ can take your water modelling capabilities to the next level.

What's new in


Optimise your urban waterways with these module updates:
  • Prevent surges and secure distribution network operations with the new Water Hammer module
  • Simulate route runoff and external inflows through collection system pipes, storage units and diversion structures with the flexible SWMM modules
The powerful visualisation capabilities of WaterNet Advisor are now extended to collection systems
We’ve updated WEST, so you can:
  • Comprehensively model carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and inorganic solids on a plant-wide basis with the new CNPS model
  • Systematically evaluate your energy and resource recovery potential with new and updated models
  • Model preliminary and less conventional biological treatment units in the WEST library

What's new in


Do more with these MIKE 21 & MIKE 3 updates:
  • Calibrate models with our improved algorithms for gradient calculations to achieve a higher degree of accuracy for Hydrodynamic and Transport models
  • Reduce the hassle of long-term simulations by using the new HotStart functionality for particle simulations
  • Try new parametrization options in the Heat Exchange module to achieve better model calibration
  • Boost port efficiency and safety using Trelleborg’s DynaMoorTM systems, now supported in MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis
Accurately estimate the fate of disposing sediment in open waters with MIKE 3’s improved Mud Transport module
  • Calculate nearfield sediment spill sources and deposition footprints based on your actual water and seabed conditions
  • Save time and effort simulating complex disposal plans thanks to seamless nearfield and farfield integration
  • Reduce uncertainties in model predictions

What's new in


Feel the new flexibility of FEFLOW with these feature updates:
  • Import, update and share results of MODFLOW models with FEFLOW’s superior visualisation tools
  • Enjoy greater access to FEFLOW kernel and have better documentation to complete complex projects extended FEFLOW API
  • Accurately estimate ground subsidence and predict pumping rates with the new hydromechanical coupling module
Optimise the way you work with these MIKE OPERATIONS updates:
  • Transform MIKE FLOOD models into real-time decision support systems using MIKE OPERATIONS
  • Compare and manage FEFLOW models in MIKE OPERATIONS to save time and increase decision-making confidence


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