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Each MIKE Release promises added functionality so you can experience new features, improve the quality of your models and reduce the simulation time spent on your projects. Here are the latest updates in MIKE 2020 Update 1.

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New module for simple river modelling
MIKE URBAN+ users are now able to benefit from integrated modelling of collection systems, rivers and 2D flood in the cities – in one geometric network. You can define cross sections and river branches, bed roughness, boundaries, weirs, culverts, dykes and more, and even perform lateral coupling to 2D overland.
More intuitive modelling of collection systems and rivers
You asked, we answered! Users who already have existing models in MIKE HYDRO can now couple them directly in MIKE URBAN+. This eliminates the need for working within three products and enables much simpler integrated modelling of collection systems and rivers.
The new 2D Overland Module in MIKE URBAN+ offers efficient ways to model flooding
MIKE URBAN+ supports integrated 2D flood modelling. Create 2D flood maps in a continuous workflow – from building meshes to simulating floods and viewing results.
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New model describing in-sewer processes
With the addition of the WATS model in the WEST library, users can now simulate biochemical processes in sewers under different redox conditions and estimate the level of H2S emissions. This new update will help users pinpoint H2S hotspots and identify potential strategies to minimise emissions.

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Boost your model performance with GPU acceleration

Unlock the power of GPU acceleration when using the Advection-Dispersion (AD) module of MIKE 21/3 FM. Often used in the screening phase of marine Environmental Impact Assessments, AD simulations can now be performed much faster than ever before once you have access to appropriate GPU hardware – saving you both time and money.
Simulate multi-layered dynamic processes in areas with multi-fraction sediments
Professionals working in coastal areas characterised by gravel armouring of the seabed, often struggle to predict the sand transport accurately. This new feature in the MIKE 21/3 Sand Transport module helps users to better understand sediment connectivity patterns and offers a more accurate representation of the real-world system.
Easier downscaling from global to regional to local areas
Users of MIKE 3 FM can now easily extract good 3D boundary condition data from a regional model to a finer resolution local model. Enjoy the benefits of increased workflow efficiency, improved ability to visually inspect boundary conditions and better boundary conditions for your downscaled models.

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New representation of buildings and roads
Reproducing both fluvial (from river) and pluvial (from rain) floods in cities is a challenging task due to the way buildings and roads are being represented. Users can now easily define buildings and roads by specifying shapefiles in MIKE 21 FM. Detailed data can be used without compromising on resolution, increasing your efficiency while providing accurate flood maps of the city.
Better roughness definition and workflow
Users can significantly improve the accuracy of their river and flood models thanks to the new roughness definition features in MIKE 21 FM. It is now possible to easily describe the resistance in your model, as well as define the roughness as a function of depth, which highly controls the water flows. With this update, you can look forward to improved quality and greater flexibility for your models.
Improved storage definition and workflow
Storage facilities such as reservoirs, lakes and ponds play a major role in flood management. MIKE HYDRO River now provides a greatly improved integration of such facilities with other model items, allowing you to create higher quality models and increasing the overall efficiency of your projects.

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