Safe embrace: how innovative harbour design supports local fisheries

Our harbour design allows a safe passage at all times and for everybody

Located on Denmark’s exposed North Sea coast, Hvide Sande’s 3,000 inhabitants depend on fishing and its associated industries. In recent years, ships have increased in size, with the largest requiring a minimum navigation depth of 6 m. The navigation depth in front of Hvide Sande’s harbour, however, was only 4.5 m. Sediment build-up in the access channel also hampered the safe passage of ships. These dual problems made it difficult for newer, larger ships to call at Hvide Sande’s port. We developed a tailor-made solution that maximises the natural bypass of the harbour using capital and maintenance dredging and streamlined breakwaters. The breakwaters reduced sedimentation near the mouth of the harbour. This allowed port authorities to maintain the new navigation depth without having to increase maintenance dredging.