30 May 2022

MIKE Powered by DHI releases new software update

MIKE Powered by DHI has just released MIKE 2022 Update 1 which contains a host of new features designed to elevate water modelling.

MIKE Powered by DHI users now can:

Perform systemwide water quality evaluations
The integration of MIKE ECO Lab in MIKE+ 2D Overland means you can investigate water quality processes and treatment options more holistically.

Model coastal vegetation 
MIKE 21 Flow Model FM, MIKE 3 Flow Model FM and MIKE 3 Wave FM models now support coastal vegetation modelling - from rigid plants like mangroves to flexible plants such as salt marsh cover.

More easily find and access MIKE Zero tools and Cloud applications
Experience the redesigned MIKE Zero start page and enhanced graphical overview for easier access to MIKE Zero tools and Cloud applications.

Model river-groundwater interaction
With the new hydrodynamic coupling between FEFLOW and MIKE 1D, you can model river-groundwater interaction like never before. 

Evaluate sidestream nitrogen removal and thermal hydrolysis
The addition of two new process models empowers WEST users to evaluate sidestream nitrogen removal and thermal hydrolysis. 

Bring clarity to your operational model results
For those using MIKE OPERATIONS, Update 1 provides access to an intuitive and automatic no-code WebApp configuration environment which offers map-based visualisation of data and model inputs and outputs. 

Want more? Explore additional new features or register for an upcoming webinar

  • MIKE+ Rivers – Migrating to DHI’s new integrated modelling software | 1 June 08:00 UTC or 2 June 16:00 UTC
  • MIKE+ – Migrating to MIKE+ 2D Overland | 8 June 08:00 UTC or 9 June 16:00 UTC
  • MIKE IO – What’s new in MIKE IO? | 15 June 07:00 or 15:00 UTC
  • MIKE IO – An introduction to manipulating MIKE modelling data files with Python | 16 June 07:00 or 15:00 UTC

Remember - customers with subscriptions or a valid Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) can take advantage of these new features free of charge! For questions, or to reactivate an expired SMA, contact your local DHI office.