03 Jun 2021

DHI tests new floating offshore wind concept as part of FloatStep project

The physical model tests conducted in DHI’s wave and wind test facility will help advance the industry by improving modelling and testing methods for floating wind turbines

Testing the TetraSub Concept Foundation at DHI’s wind and wave test facility. ©

DHI is a partner in the FloatStep research project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark which also include DTU Wind Energy, Siemens Gamesa Renewables, Stiesdal A/S, STRØMNING, and University of Western Australia. As part of this project, DHI recently performed a physical model test campaign together with DTU Wind Energy and Stiesdal A/S. The floater concept, named the TetraSub Concept Foundation, is developed by Stiesdal and was tested with the 10MW DTU reference wind turbine. The tests were performed in a scale of 1:60 and included both waves and wind forcing in DHI’s deep-water test facility. 

More efficient and reliable floating wind turbine design

The aim of the model tests was to contribute to the FloatStep project with the overall goal of improving modelling and testing methods for floating wind turbines. This would help advance the field thanks to more efficient and reliable design methods. The main objectives of the test campaign were to:

  • Investigate a mooring system design for the new floater concept
  • Test new control algorithms for wind turbine pitch control
  • Develop and test a software-in-the-loop hybrid testing system

The data obtained in the model tests with mooring systems and control algorithms will be used for numerical model development and calibration, as well as for improving the general understanding of floating wind turbines. 

The new software-in-the-loop system will improve and broaden DHI’s model test capabilities in its deep water facility. How? By integrating a numerical model for wind load forcing with the deep-water wave basin in a hybrid modelling approach. Watch the TetraSub Concept Foundation in action here:

For more information, contact:

Bjarne Jensen
Senior Hydraulic Engineer