20 Nov 2020

Download MIKE+ today!

The future of water modelling is here.

The highly anticipated MIKE+ platform is available for download today along with the software updates withing the MIKE 2021 release. MIKE+, the integrated water modelling platform, boasts notable modelling functionality across applications.

What’s MIKE+ all about?

DHI has combined the power of its MIKE product portfolio to create MIKE+. MIKE+ allows users to integrate, model and manage all water systems on one platform for the most comprehensive analyses. From water distribution and collection systems, to rivers and flooding, MIKE+ models it all.

Optimising integrated water systems

The analysis options are nearly endless across applications with MIKE+. Water modelers and managers can use these analytical abilities to mitigate disasters and improve water quality. For instance, MIKE+ users can:

  • Develop dynamic water distribution networks by performing hydraulic and water quality models, controlling pumps and valves, and managing leaks.
  • Confidently make collection system decisions by analysing the hydrology and hydraulics, designing real-time controls, and assessing resilient solutions.
  • Reinvent the way they model rivers by analysing river flows, assessing hydrological changes and estimating pollution transport.
  • Get the full picture on flooding by predicting flood event impacts, identifying risks and evaluating mitigation measures.

Transversal features and capabilities

MIKE+ users can plug and play with transversal modules to customise their water management analyses across interconnected natural and man-made water systems. Expanding on previous module capabilities, MIKE+’s transversal modules include:

  • MIKE+ Rainfall Runoff — Users can prepare and combine multiple rainfall-runoff models in one simulation.
  • MIKE+ Control — Now optimising full system compacity is possible by designing and comparing real-time control of pumps, weirs and valves.
  • MIKE+ Transport — Analyse pollutant transport by advection-dispersion of fine and coarse sediments.
  • MIKE+ ECO Lab—Examine complex water quality phenomena in water systems based on different biological processes.

Explore the power of MIKE+

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