10 Nov 2020

Latest data service helps shipping companies lower vessel fuel consumption by up to 5%

A novel data service to help shipping companies reduce operating expenses and meet increasing regulatory requirements is now available in the market.

Current Sea API is a subscription-based data portal that provides 24/7 online access to ocean current data and biofouling predictions. With easier access to global current data that is updated hourly up to five days in advance, shipping companies can optimise route planning by avoiding strong counter currents. 

To further reduce fuel and operational costs, Current Sea API includes a biofouling prediction service which estimates biofouling based on a ship’s positions as well as factors such as paint, speed, temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, depth and the biofouling already present. This allows shipping companies to keep heavy biofouling to a minimum by knowing when to schedule diver inspections and hull cleaning. 

The need for reliable current data

Vessel speed has a high impact on fuel expenses. To lower fuel use and improve ETA predictions, access to reliable current data is needed to help ships avoid zones with strong counter currents. Extensive marine biofouling also results in higher fuel consumption due to increased vessel drag. With fuel accounting for up to 50% of marine transportation costs, shipping companies must be able to predict the extent of biofouling as much as possible.

‘Many industries are increasingly focusing on how they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, both in response to regulatory requirements but also because sustainability is becoming a megatrend with impacts on how to attract both clients and investors. With our solution, the shipping industry has a very tangible opportunity to optimise their route planning and hence save fuel which translates into reduced CO2 emissions but also reduced operating costs,’ explains Mikael Kamp Sørensen, Head of DHI’s Environment Department.

To learn more about Current Sea API and to request a free trial, visit: https://www.dhigroup.com/data-portals/current-sea-api