04 Aug 2016

Aiding Bulgaria’s coastal aquaculture research in mussel cultivation in the Black Sea

DHI has been engaged by the Institute of Fishery and Resources, Bulgaria to chart and analyse mussels’ growth and decay in the Black Sea under different conditions. Using our MIKE ECO Lab and MIKE 21 FM software, DHI will develop custom templates for different physical, chemical and biological processes of the coastal site in order to chart mussel culture.

To propel the coastal aquaculture industry in Bulgaria, the European Economic Area (EEA) Grants and Norway Grants are funding the mussel culture research. Tapping on DHI’s experience in ecological modelling, the Institute of Fishery and Resources, Bulgaria has invited DHI to lend our expertise in developing a specific template for black mussels’ growth and decay for the different conditions of the Black Sea. The data for the modelling process will be gleaned from the Institute’s research effort. This project aims to model the strength of black mussels under different hydraulic and hydrological conditions in the coastal waters of the Bulgarian Black Sea to develop techniques and methods that best stimulate their growth. 

Our experts from DHI Bulgaria and DHI Denmark will work together with experts from the Institute of Fishery resources in Varna, Bulgaria for the project. The Institute will monitor the chemical and biological conditions of the Black Sea, and provide a vast database for different parameters which will then be the basis to perform eco-hydraulic modelling. 

Embarking on the project, DHI experts hope to establish a solid foundation to further research on the complex ecological processes in the Black Sea.

'Developing a numerical model for the modeling of black mussel’s adaptability in varying conditions of the Black Sea is complex. With DHI’s experience in ecological modeling and our MIKE ECO Lab software, we hope to be able to best chart the ecological processes in the Black Sea.' – Philip Penchev, Engineer (Hydrology), DHI Bulgaria

Charting the biochemical oxygen demand in the Black Sea, Varna, Bulgaria © DHI