13 May 2015

DHI India conducts successful MIKE FLOOD training course

A successful MIKE FLOOD course was completed at DHI India from 22 April to 24 April 2015.

17 participants from consultancy companies, governmental agencies and top universities of India attended the course, which included topics such as:

  • Introduction to 2D overland flow modelling with MIKE 21 
  • Building urban bathymetries 
  • Preparing MIKE URBAN models for coupling 
  • Preparing MIKE 11 models for coupling 
  • MIKE FLOOD graphical editor 
  • Coupling 1D and 2D models (3 ways) 
  • 1D-2D and 1D-1D linkage options; stability issues 
  • Tips and troubleshooting with model coupling
  • Results viewing and presentation 

The course was taught by DHI’s Prashant Kadam, Section Head, Flood Forecasting and Early Warning Systems, and Prajnya Nayak, our Water Resources Engineer. The training was a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises to show how MIKE FLOOD could be applied to solve flood related issues.

‘The three-day hands-on course gave a good overview regarding the integration of the 1D urban drainage model, 1D river model and 2D overland model into a comprehensive dynamically-coupled model’, says DHI India’s Managing Director, Dr Guna Nidhi Paudyal.

A few participants share their experiences:

‘The course has delivered the best technical understandings in a pragmatic way.’
Mr.Asit Kumar Mohanty, Director of Asit Infratech Planners Pvt.Ltd 

‘The MIKE FLOOD training – which includes MIKE 11, MIKE 21 AND MIKE URBAN – is very helpful for understanding MIKE at the beginner and intermediate levels. Thank you DHI, for arranging such an excellent training program.’ 
Bhabani Shankar Das, PhD. scholar from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

For more information on upcoming and tailored courses, please contact mikebydhi.in@dhigroup.com