24 Feb 2015


We are pleased to announce the merger of our existing MIKE by DHI and MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI software technologies into one global brand: MIKE Powered by DHI.

The convergence of these two strong and proven business lines is a natural evolution – the even better integration of our technologies will enable us to provide you with the most rewarding user experience.  

What is MIKE Powered by DHI?
DHI is the expert in water environments. Whenever we take part in solving some of the toughest challenges in water environments, we also increase our expertise. It is this expertise – together with experience from our many external users – that fuels the further development of our MIKE technologies. 

At the same time, MIKE is the vehicle for DHI’s knowledge. MIKE enables us to scale our services and solutions and make our expertise accessible to clients all over the world.

With the new MIKE Powered by DHI brand, we wish to reinforce our position as the expert in water environments. We want to become even better in bringing our expertise and our software together in innovative solutions and services. We want to take part in solving even more challenges in water environments – some challenges will be highly complex and some will be solved for the first time. When we have solved new challenges, we will enable others to do the same through our MIKE Powered by DHI software products and services.

Our work with the State Water Corporation (SWC) of New South Wales is an excellent example of the innovative solutions that can result from bringing together our expertise and our technology. The SWC can now optimise their reservoir releases in real-time, helping them meet downstream irrigation and environmental needs. The creation of MIKE Powered by DHI enables us to provide solutions such as this one to other clients who face a variety of unique and complex challenges.

With the merger, you will continue to experience the same high level of expertise, dedication, and support that you have always enjoyed. The foundation of MIKE Powered by DHI encapsulates years of knowledge and experience. We promise that this knowledge will continue to be accessible through our technologies to clients and partners worldwide. 

MIKE Powered by DHI: Advanced technologies. Sustainable solutions. Fuelled by knowledge.

Erland B. Rasmussen
Executive Vice President, MIKE Powered by DHI