22 Dec 2015

Highlights from DHI seminars and user group meetings in South America

In November, we held a series of seminars and user group meetings (UGMs) in various South American countries to great feedback and inspiration. 

Colombia, 9-10 November 2015
Colombians discover new frontiers with MIKE Powered by DHI

Some 60 participants gathered at the 3rd DHI Seminar and UGM on water modelling technology in Bogotá, Colombia. The event was a platform of knowledge exchange between DHI experts, industry professionals and students from water-related sectors in Colombia. 

The UGM saw local students presenting their theses work with FEFLOW, and DHI representatives showing examples of the latest developments in the MIKE software family. We followed with providing overviews and introductions of selected models of MIKE 2016, launched officially here in December 2015. 

Robin Marc Dufour, Managing Director DHI Peru, with the participants of the FEFLOW introduction course demonstrating how the new 3D unstructured mesh can be used to adapt to complex geological faults and folding. © DHI

Alejandro Lasarte, DHI’s Business Development Manager for Latin America giving a short introduction to modelling with the new version of MIKE HYDRO River. © DHI

Peru, 12-13 November 2015
Peruvians inspired by MIKE applications 

Model examples within water resources management, water in mining, water quality, ecosystems and coastal engineering were presented at the 6th DHI Seminar and UGM held in Lima, Peru. The seminar initiated discussions on using MIKE to address similar local challenges and was well received by the 70 participants.   

In giving a tour of the MIKE software family, Poul Kronborg, DHI’s Business Area Manager of Coast and sea, stressed that MIKE is not just professional developed software and efficient tools, but a ticket to unique support by world-class experts and a gateway to building your own skills.

The new members of the MIKE family: MIKE INFO, MIKE PLANNING and MIKE OPERATIONS were also presented. These will enable our users to setup their own decision support systems based on data management systems integrated with tailored setup of MIKE models. New frontiers within planning and operation can thus be discovered. 

Coffee breaks with a dual purpose - to stimulate and to network. © DHI

Chile, 16-17 November 2015
Chileans have taken MIKE onboard

Existing and potential MIKE users gathered in Santiago to learn more about the MIKE 2016 release. They were given examples of using MIKE software as scenario modelling tools as well as in real-time forecasting systems.

In an introduction to MIKE 21, Bo Mogensen, DHI’s Regional Sales Manager, showed an example of a local user application from the highly energetic Chacao Channel made by Patricio Winkler et al from Valparaiso University. They used MIKE 21 FMHD to study the difference in water elevations if simulated with a full dynamic coupling of tide and tsunami events, or as a superposition of these.

Luis Zamarano, Instituto Naciónal de Hidraulica – INH, showing a MIKE 21 Spectral Wave model application for the Magellan strait. © DHI

Rodrigo Heraldo Sepúlveda S., Colbún S.A. gave an online demonstration of the MIKE HYDRO Basin they use in the planning and operation of their reservoir in the upper Maule basin. © DHI

Argentina, 19-20 November 2015
Argentineans address flooding, coastal protection and climate changes with MIKE

Held for the 6th time, the 1½ day seminar included the latest news and options for faster simulations as well as presentations of case studies by local MIKE users. 

Alejandro Lasarte demonstrated how DHI’s Local Area Weather Radars (LAWR) are used in real-time monitoring of rain distribution, progression and intensity in a setup with nationwide coverage used for flood warning and mitigation purposes. Andrew Uday Ray, Director of Operations, DHI Peru, provided application examples of FEFLOW in Andean countries and its capability to address many types of issues related to groundwater.

Sergio Schmidt, from coastal and environmental company Ezcurra & Schmidt SA, shared his experiences with MIKE since the 90’s and how the timely support we provided – together with the quality of the software – have made it easy for him to stay loyal. © DHI

Pablo Garcias from the University of Buenos Aires used MIKE SHE to study if the experienced extent of flooded areas in a pampas is due to change in land use or more intensive rainfalls. © DHI

We look forward to introducing you to new MIKE features in our next South America tour and other meetings all over the world. Click here to check when the next course or event is scheduled - in your region and in your language!