10 Oct 2014

Successful water management seminar in Bolivia

Together with the Danish embassy in Bolivia, we organised a seminar on sustainable water management on 30 September 2014 in the country’s political and administration hub, La Paz.

Our experts presented a number of innovative products and solutions, many of which were new and beneficial to the nearly 100 professionals who attended the event.

The seminar was an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate how our software products, radar technology and technical assistance and solutions may play a part in the daily lives of many Bolivians in the future. We shared how our ecological and holistic approaches by the application of ECO Lab, agent-based modelling (ABM) and habitat modelling will help Bolivia address challenges with regard to nature conservation and prevent further degradation in biodiversity. Some of the participants were our existing clients, including Empresa Nacional de Electricidad (ENDE), Bolivia’s national electricity company.

Alejandro Lasarte, our Business Development Manager for Latin America was one of the speakers at the seminar. Alejandro highlighted the role of MIKE FLOOD and how the all-in-one flood modelling tool can help to efficiently manage flood and climate change impacts. 

‘In this age of technology, it is imperative that water environment professionals are aware of software technology and associated solutions that can help model flood problems and assist in identifying mitigation measures,’ said Alejandro. ‘This seminar was a great platform for representatives of different stakeholders in Bolivia’s water sector to learn more about sustainable water management. We thank the Danish Embassy in Bolivia for facilitating and coordinating this event,’ he added.

Bolivia is no stranger to our technology. A year ago, the Municipal Government of La Paz installed our radar in El Alto which produces data that is useful in many contexts. The data that is gathered can improve warning systems in the event of extreme weather conditions, helping to assess risks of flooding, landslides, initiate evacuation and take other actions to reduce loss of lives and damages to infrastructure. 

The event presented opportunities to explore even more meaningful collaborations within the region in future. 

Alejandro Lasarte, our Business Development Manager for Latin America, sharing the capabilities of MIKE FLOOD at the event.